Who is the most successful,powerful or wealthy person in your family?

Is there someone in your family that is so wealthy,successful or famous that even people here know or heard of?

No, not really. But both my sisters made over a $100,000 a year at their jobs. My oldest sister retired and moved to Mexico. My middle sister still works as a nurse and makes over $100,000 a year.


I was surfing the web about a month ago and stumbled upon my uncles obituary. He died four years ago at age 92. He lived on the East Coast and the last time I saw him was 50 years ago. He did a lot of stuff I didn’t know. When he was in the Army he started singing and replaced Vic Damone on the Armed Services radio. Vic Damone was pretty popular in his day. When my uncle got out of the army in the fifties he started a singing career on his own and played some of the biggest clubs in Boston and New York.

In the sixties he was a member of a singing comedy duo with Jamie Farr (Klinger, from M A S H). He came out to Hollywood and had a singing career and at one time he was roommates with Frank Gorshin, the popular impressionist. He did some other cool things that I can’t remember right offhand. He cut quite a few records. I remember he was a nice guy, a good father and uncle. Me and my sisters used to love visiting him and his wife and my three cousins. He was my moms uncle too. I think he was her mothers brother.


No, most of my family are working class people. There are a few that do non manual labor type jobs. Like my sister works for a political advertising agency and does real estate, for example, but she’s not rich or famous either. My brother in law owns multiple rental properties, but again, not rich or famous.

I could go on and on with examples, but the point is, no rich and famous.

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Not really. We live hand-to-mouth. It is possible though that some of my remote ancestors were very influential people in my country, but these legends haven’t really been proven.

There’s no one ultra rich and famous. My father is listed in Who’s who but that’s because of position he reached in his job. Equivalent of a 2 star general. He was protocol advisor for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. He’ll be 92 in 6 days time and is just enjoying life as best he can. Here’s some info about him. He has about a $70K year index linked pension(1/2 of what a current person working at the same level he did gets)


my uncle served with secret service for about fifteen years…my mom is very wealthy but not famous.

Just my dad or my cousin’s wife’s father who is a cardiologist.

No one’s famous in my family or extended family.

No one famous in my family.

Some family members including my mom are millionaires though. I don’t think that’s a big deal these days.

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One or two of my forebears were apparently high muckety-mucks in Clan Cameron of Lochiel in Scottland many ceturies go. Or maybe not - stories improve over time. I do know that my grandfather (mom’s dad) was infamous as the town drunk where I grew up. He was the reason the local AA group was waiting for more of my family to show up, which I eventually did.

My family tree goes back to sone high ups in Scotland, too! Maybe we are very distant relation. Would explain our weirdness.

Modern times, my cousin is a famous Nascar driver. His father was as well and died a few years back. It was pretty sad.


My dad is a multimillionaire. He’s an entrepreneur, started his own law firm, which covers several different kinds of law. Off the top of my head, he is a business lawyer, a disability lawyer, an immigration lawyer, and a personal injury lawyer.


One of my uncles is a multi millionaire. He actually went bankrupt in the 80s but then became a multi millionaire again. Serial entrepreneur.
Hes very chill, you would never know hes rich


My sister qualified as a doctor but didn’t take to it and decided to look after her two young kids she is Married to a doctor who has rich parents

My brother owns a composting business outside of DC. They just had a 5 million dollar investment on the business. He attends conferences in Vegas and has been on the radio, podcasts, and in the newspaper.
Im pretty proud of him. We came from a working class family and he has done really well.

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My family, nothing of note. I have a long history of coal miners in my family. Close family my sister has done quite well, she got a university degree and has a stable job. She has a mortgage and owns a bit of land for her 3 horses and two donkeys. She does enjoy her time with her many animals.

I’m the most traveled in my immediate family. I’m also stable financially.


The most successful person in my immediate family, meaning my siblings and nieces and nephews and myself is most likely my sister and her husband, (my brother in law). He is retired U.S. Army and she is a retired laborer.

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My brother is a very wealthy executive.

I also have a second cousin who is a famous Hollywood actor.


Locally famous. My dad’s cousin was the mayor of a neighbouring town. Her sisters son is successful professor at the university of Toronto.

My mom was successful, she was a nurse then got promoted to hospital administrator coordinator, in charge of the hospital during her shift and on call when at home.

My grandfather’s brother was a music professor at Queen’s university.

Two of my cousin’s have PhDs.

I’m the only crazy schizophrenic in my family. :rofl: