How Dumb are You?

I am really relatively Dumb.

On the plus side I know how dumb other people can be too.

Like extremely dumb.

To the point that I’ll do a lot to avoid them.

I mean I like to believe there’s a good reason for everything.

I don’t know what that reason for their extreme stupidity may be, I guess it is to fine tune my own self and reflect on my own issues and personal dumbness.

I mean I dated and met up several times with a guy who I did not want to. How dumb does that sound? So yea I guess I learnt.


I feel like I’m really dumb.

I feel like a self realized dumb person is smarter than one that doesn’t even know they are dumb and thinks they are smarter than everyone else.

I hear you dating is always a hassle, I haven’t been on a date in years, last one didnt go to well : /. Lol.

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Lol yea I’m probably even dumber than I realise though. But I just don’t realise it.

Sorry that your last date didn’t go well. Why is that?


You’re not dumb.

Lol. It didn’t go well because I’m a weirdo. Haha.


I had a first phone call with a guy yesterday but I felt really inadequate Tbh so I plan on not moving on further with it.

It’s OK to be a weirdo :))


Don’t let lack of confidence make you think your less intelligent. I was smart till I was 14 and then that residual paranoia came in. After that I’d call it everything else…I was dumb, I was shy etc. I’m was still a worthwhile individual but I had no confidence in things like romantic relationships…that just increased as my age increased but paranoia can be like that.

Still. All it takes is one good relationship and the pills and it’s game on. A good relationship will give you confidence in other relationships and then the world is your oyster. So hang in there. Be kind to yourself and keep playing the game on your terms. Yeah. You might not be totally on point all the time but your not dumb!


Oh really? Why the inadequacy?

Lol thanks!

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I feel like a freak sometimes.


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I’m very dumb myself. I have little to no practical knowledge. It’s embarrassing.


I feel the same Crimby.

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I feel you. Same here : / its a nibbling feeling. It’ll get better though. Our brain might be split in two but there will be love and bliss waiting someday

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Yes we can only hope… :star_struck:

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Do you feel more confident now than when you were younger?

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Yeah it’s totally different person. I didn’t have my first kiss till I was 32. Lots of years in paranoid wilderness. I did well early till I was 14 then it all went down hill.

As I say. One good relationship makes up for every other one and a good person will feed you up so your way more confident in yourself. Just keep trying. You live you learn and you get better at it and a good relationship will build that confidence!

Keep trying.

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Before, when I was a chef, I thought I was decently knowledgeable in stuff within my profession, but. Had repeated psychosis for about two years straight, then realized things I believed in was delusional and false, I feel like I know of nothing now.

I try to read books and learn things, but I do feel quite dumb sometimes. When my delusions diminished, I felt really confused and disorganized…

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You might have more than me. Apart from money management ,which I’m reasonably OK at, my practical ability/knowledge is very low. It doesn’t apply to all with ASD, but quite a few have a level of adaptive functioning well below their IQ.

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I’m not as dumb as I was when the illness began but I’m currently dumber than I used to be when I was first taking antipsychotics.

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True. . .

And False. . .

For Example, Lies Are Dumb. . .


The Song By Nirvana Called, ‘Dumb’ Is Extraordinary. Very Extra Ordinary. . .

Meaning…, It Isn’t Ordinary At All To Feel Dumb. . .


The Extra Is…, That It’s Cool To Feel Smart!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. If You Try The Best You Can, The Best You Can Is Good Enough. . . . . . .

‘lies are dumb’

it depends how you define lying. And being truthful

I’m not as smart as I use to be. But I don’t consider myself dumb. I’m no rocket scientist either though.