Who here takes a benzo regularly?

I am currently taking clonazepam (Klonopin) @ 0.25mg 4 times a day. The first few times I was knocked out but today I am feeling a great sense of relief and inner calm.

However I was only given enough to last the weekend. Part of me would like to sat on these tablets indefinitely but I am aware of the potential of addiction.

Does anywhere here use a benzo regularly? (by that I mean if they have been prescribed by a doctor - not off the street)

I used to, now I’m quitting them.

They’re very addictive.

Same as @Minnii , I was on them, now I’m trying to come off them. It’s my intention to use l-theanine as a substitute.

Cloneazapam loses its effectiveness as you become tolerant to it, and also you end up having trouble coming off it as your body becomes addicted to it.

Your doctor could end up abruptly ending your supply and quitting clonaezpam cold turkey is very dangerous.

Cloneazapam can be a bit of a trap really for the reasons above.

I’d try l-theanine first, 300mg in the morning, 300mg in the evening, working your way up to 400mg in the morning, and 400mg in the evening.

Then if you feel that’s not doing the trick, go down the Cloneazapam route. Talk to your psychiatrist about going on it long term and get them to tell your GP that it’s OK to prescribe it as your GP might not prescribe it long term otherwise.

My psychiatrist is a former specialist in addictions so he is not very happy about using benzos. My old doc was fine.

Think I will finish this course of meds and see how I feel. Am also on buspar one and gabapentin and have had 5 courses of talking therapies so feel am kinda stuck on options. Have taken theanine in the past with poor results.

Anyone know of any other options?

I recently tried this (chamomile) and it has a calming effect :


With 2 capsules, it acts like a sleeping pill and one capsule has a mild calming down effect.

The only issue is it might act as a mild blood thinner long term.

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Benzos are addictive and tolerance grows, so I only take them a few times a month when really needed.

I take l-theanine sometimes to sleep.

What you are going through sounds really difficult. There might be an okay way to take benzos for a needed time period and come off them when ready. Your doctor might know how to do this safely. My doctor is maybe going to try a beta-blocker next with me for anxiety.

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I take tranxene regularly. I was told the tolerance potential was low on the drug and I’ve done fine so far.