Who here has psychotic depression?

I’m looking for someone to talk to that can relate. That’s what I was dx with 2 days ago possible schizoaffective

I’m schixoaffective bipolar type. Sometimes I question the mania though. I seem to only get it when I drink too much coffee or trigger it. And I don’t stay up weeks on end ever.

So I’m gonna ask my doctor if I’m schixoaffective depressive type cuz it makes more sense to me.

Can you be more specific about what you are experiencing? There are probably a lot of people here who, although have different diagnoses, can relate to the fundamental symptoms.

Hello @LovelyCreature. I was initially diagnosed with Psychotic Depression, but as my psychosis continued without the low mood, they changed it to Paranoid Schizophrenia with Major Depressive Disorder. What were you wanting to talk about?

I’d imagine that is depression with psychosis without the Sz?

Worse. Psychotic happiness.

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