Have u got any pets

No I haven’t
When growing up we had an amazing tabby cat called Sammy she was strong and beautiful
She made friends with all the neighbours so she could get free meals

I have 2 dogs, 7 cats, a leopard gecko, a miniature horse, 4 fish, and 8 puppies that I am training as psychiatric service dogs!


I have a beautiful baby boy - My 2 year old mixed Dachshund/Schnauzer/Chow mix - I adopted him from a shelter.
He is pure Joy


I have four fish tanks with two betta fish, two gouramis, and two bristlenose plecos. They are about two years old! One of the fish, Thaddeus, has hallucinations. Poor fella.


I also have a housemate. I consider him my emotional support duck. I’ve named him quakers. Oh well, I mean, Williams.


I haVe a Lazy Lacy pup that was left in a backyard to fynde out how to live alone ,

I was called and the faggot said ,

“weve been on vacation for two days can you see if she has food and water …”

so I picked her up and put her in a car ,

and drove her to her new home ,

she has a few names ,

Lacy / Lace / Hase / Hazel / Layzah / Knivey Heartbeater / Mamma Jamma / Toot toot /&/ Angel …

and all she does is make me happy …


We have a ten year old orange and white cat with minor tabby markings. She is most awesome. This was a farm cat we got along with too well to leave behind at the parents’ place when we moved to town, and she is currently adjusting to being a house kitty. She is leaning against my feet with her purr on low idle right now. Very comforting.



Last one went AWOL. Was a grey long haired domestic. Something five years now and still haven’t the heart to replace him. Still hoping my little mate will find his way with help from the microchip I guess. Although if I could get my hands on a free blue Tonkinese I could be persuaded. Tonkinese being the cat that turned me to more of a cat person. But love animals more than people in general.

one 10 year old westhighland terrier minus a leg, maizie and a very lively 2 year old Labrador Bernard.


i have a cat called meowy, 2 dogs by the name holly and charlie


I have a female cat. She expects me to scratch her. She’s been fixed, so I don’t have to worry about kittens. She pretty much belongs to all of us at Lake Francis assisted living, but I’m the one who feeds her.

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I have a 30lb white and cream Pomeranian. She is going on six years old, and had her since she was a puppy.

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omh I love those little pom poms I always thinkits really cool when I see a guy who doesn’t have to own a large breed dog to prove hes a man. know what I mean:)

I have a cat named Maggie. She is my lap baby.

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who needs a hotwater bottle @saphire


I have a golden two chihuahuas and a cat

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can I buy some of your art pleas dr zen genis.

Milo the cat…

Two salt water tanks…

three puffer fish now…

in the main tank… two blue tangs… my sis got me two clown fish… a pygmy angle fish and a leopard blennie.