Who here had irritability?

My sleep dreams are still so vivid. I attribuate it to the fact that I have no life in real life so I live in my dreams. But when I wake up, I am very irritable. Can the meds help me on this? I am just eaten by negative emotions, it sucks.

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Have u started ur therapy anna1 …!!!

I tried it for a bit but I realized that I cannot calm myself…

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Keep on trying 2 or 3 times …if u cant then leave it…

I’m always irritable.


I am irriated a lot everyone make me Angry

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i was very irritable before meds, i would snap at my family members. now i am a little more patient

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Only when i have to do something i dont want to do

griz, I was irritable for years. What kind of med helped you? an antidepressant or another kind of med? I am on a mood stabilizer and an ap but maybe my lonely life doesn’t facilitate the things…

I had terrible irritability for many years. That is, until I started on Seroquel. That knocked it out. Also, regular mindfulness meditation gets rid of it too. I’m chill now.

I am on risperidone and citalopram