Did you become less irritable on meds?

its a main issue for me… i cant deal with it on myself. i am waiting for the meds to help this… i am trying so hard not to show it to tohers but i remain irritable, its destroying me…

I am on Meds - Risperdal, but I still get irritable from time to time.

I dont know exactly what is causing the irritability, maybe some mood instability/depression?

I can only guess

me neither dont know the cause. i am on depakote for the mood but i am really,really irritable… i talk badly to my friends :confused: i suppose i am just not happy… its like i am spying my friends if they use me and its a kind of delusion…

Good luck with Depakote, I was on it for years and loved it!

Hope that you feel better soon @Anna1

I’m feeling very irritable lately. But I’ve just quit taking benzos, so maybe that’s the reason.

yeah but i am worried cause it doesnt go away even on depakote… its hard to talk for me to others… only my mom doesnt irrtates me so much… my friends will drop me if i continue like this :confused:
i have sz friends and they dont have this… is it common in sz?

You are on 2 new meds, irritability could be a side effect until you get used to the meds.

Irritability is more common with bipolar disorder or mania and depression (SZA)

But it is not uncommon with Schizophrenia - But in your case it could be a side effect of the new meds - talk to your pdoc about it, I would.

I rarely feel irritable on Risperdal. It just shuts me down. It feels like a chemical lobotomy. No anger issues here. No violence.

and you were angry before the risperdal? i dont have a lot of choices anymore. i am just seeking the most bearable ap…

More so.

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No. Meds made me highly unstable & even physically violent (toward self). Once I completely detoxed from Haldol & Latuda, I really started to feel better, but doctor(s) coerced me to start Zyprexa, when that didn’t stop symptoms then Haldol again & then Abilify.

Needless to say, it was a pointless adventure. If you want to stay medicated, that’s your choice. Haldol is very strong, just be careful.

When I started on Meds I initially got very high so that coerced me once to take an extra dose (to get the high)…I went violent on someone in workplace and was fired.

Later on Meds, I was always rude with others without even realizing it. Made me a rude ass zombie.

I became less irritable on meds. Still a little from time to time, but it’s going away, I’m more patiente now

Haldol practically turned me into a vegetable. But I was an irritable vegetable. I can get irritable on Geodon and Seroquel, but not as bad. I seldom gripe no matter how irritated I get.

I used to be prone to emotional reactivity and irritability on account of the paranoia and my mood.
Since I’ve been on the Consta that has reduced considerably. Whether that is all a good thing is debatable as with the docility I am quite apathetic and willing to drift(low drive,motivation and goal setting).

I am a lot less irritable on meds.

they should probably kick in in one,two,three months.
thanks to all of the replies :slight_smile:
but i am really irritable when i should speak on the phone to my two sz friends. probably i feel used by them. they talk to me about some relationships with a men and i dont know what to say. i say something without believeing it… i feel alone between them cause i am so isolated from men… at my worst of my illness,i was feeling like another person, not me, i am lost even sexually- i dont know if i am bisexual or heterosexual,wow…

I am much less irritable and less agitated on meds. The meds aren’t a cure, but I am socially competent at the very least and I used to be completely asocial, I simply didn’t tolerate anyone being close to me for any period of time.

I was agitated and drinking heavily (very bad) before meds. My life was falling apart.

I do have some level of agitation which I medicate with exercise in addition to my meds. When it becomes unbearable at like 2am, and I have to be at school the next morning, I sometimes drink a couple of light beers but that’s when I have no choice and must sleep to perform. That’s not ideal but that’s reality with severely mentally ill people. I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t self medicate sometimes, it’s part of how I function.

I will say that meds keep me stable and functioning. Before meds I got by but wasn’t exactly stable. Now everything is predicable. I wake up nuts and have to take a bunch of meds and drink a mug of coffee and then I am okay. It’s painful every morning, and I gag and vomit every morning, but I choke it down because my meds are in it.

But I’m okay now. I’m just charging my phone and getting ready for the gym and then a lab meeting later. It’s fall break so my class for today is cancelled.

Yes meds do help with irritability. I strongly advise taking meds. I take them.

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thanks mortimer, i suppose ill stop my seeking of the perfect med. i am just seeking the one who doesnt give me terrible side effects. it will be my 3rd attempt on zyprexa, but before i was on lower dose and i probably need 10 mg now… :smile:
yes, we are seriously ill,thats the reality,i wasnt expecting to be so ill when i first got in psychiatry. a schizotypical friend of mine told me that meds cure the sick physiology but they dont do much on thinking. i have fears and intrusive thougths also. the worse is the paranoia i think… but i remain kinda of stupid(cognitive decline) and its bothering… i got so low that i lost every personnality and was heavily derealized. i suppose ill should relearn this skills. i cant work now, i have all the time on earth. take care dear :slight_smile:

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Meds aren’t perfect. You have to be willing to put up with some things. I hope you find the right meds but there might be no right meds.