Who here celebrates the midsummer festival?

I do, but I am not really going anywhere.

Here is a view from my balcony.


Is this celebrated in Sweeden?

Its pagan…i lit a fire…well i got the day wrong so i lit 2 fires…also gave my fish a viking funeral…

It is traditionally the last chance to find a woman in this summer. In the way it is pagan, bondfires and all that.

Maybe we can listen some Russian music too :smile:

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It is a wonderful weather here in this midsummer festival, +26 C degrees and the sun is shining, it is 19:40 PM, a perfect weather to stay up all night long as many people may do. I went riding my bike in my little town, it was quite quiet because people have gone to their summer places, beaches and elsewhere.

The landscape has really changed now that the snow has melted.

The view from your balcony is beautiful!

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