Do you celebrate Midsummer?

It is a long weekend here. People are celebrating Midsummer. Many go to their summer cottages. My Midsummer festival is quite lonely as always. I may ride my bicycle more. I may also eat better that usually. For those who celebrate this Midsummer I wish ‘Very Happy Midsummer’.


I live in Finland (terve-terve!) so yeah I do celebrate it. Menen äidin tykö huomenna viettämään Juhannusta. :slight_smile:

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Here in Denmark, we celebrate it by having a giant bonfire where we burn a witch. These days, the witches are made of straw and old clothes.


I did not know that you burn witches still. :smile: Are you going to see a bonfire? we also have bonfires here, I probably do not go and see a bonfire.

I don’t live near a place that has bonfires, and I don’t want to take the bus to one, so I’m just going to stay at home and have some me-time

Yeah, but im not a fan of midsummer. Funny when your kid.

Sadly no parties here, July 1st is our next long weekend

Sounds like something fun people do in europe.

I celebrate June 21, the first day of Summer because it’s my birthday! :slightly_smiling_face:


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