It is the Midsummer weekend

People celebrate Midsummer here, many people go to their summer cottages, I just came from my bicycling and the town is quite quiet now. I could have gone to sauna but I decided not to. Many people celebrate this holiday by drinking alcoholic beverages. I do not celebrate Midsummer in any special way. Just took my meds and put my eyedrops and I am going to wake up early tomorrow and have my morning bicycle ride. Now it is an excellent time to visit Finland. Tomorrow should be sunny and warm.


I just swimmed in the sea. Around 20 degrees.

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It is quite warm to swim, which sea is it?

Baltic sea. 15151515

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I’m Catholic, which means that I celebrate Midsummer liturgically.

There will be bunch of religious celebrations of Midsummer in my country everywhere.

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That’s awesome that your country has those traditions. I’d pass up the sauna in summer too unless there is a lake to jump into. You guys have sauna contests too don’t you? That would be sweet.

I think that they do not arrange the sauna contest any longer after one Russian died in the contest.


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