So the midsummer celebration has started

I went for my evening bicycle ride (12 km) and saw how people had started their celebrations. Sadly, the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants were empty due to cool weather (+13 celcius, but very sunny), but still many people were on their cars. I suppose many people stay inside during this day. It is very typical that people drink alcohol and some people may consume it too much as one older man in his 50s or 60s had done near my place. He had fallen on asphalt and just sat there, clearly he was totally drunk. However, people are very nice here in this type of situations and two cars had stopped and one young person was calling some help for this fallen person. I suppose he, the fallen person, was going to the police lock-up or the hospital. I remember back in 2002 when I came to my little town, I just let people to lie on lawns and elsewhere when they had passed out due to too much alcohol, that was the way of the streets in America. So now you know a little how this midsummer is celebrated today in Finland.

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Finland sounds like a nice place to live

How do I celebrate the midsummer is by listening Scooter’s concert, I think it is great :smile:

My grandmother lived in Sweden…in Bengsfors…and I visited her there for a summer when I was 8 years old. I would ride her bicycle around the town and go to the lottery booths and remember winning a cleaning bucket. I would also go to the travel booths and speak to them in gibberish…pretending that I was traveling by myself from a foreign country and that I spoke an unknown language that nobody could understand. I was a strange child.