Am starting haldol shots on tuesday

only a test dose of 12.5 mgs to c how it affects me then if that’s ok, we’ll take it up to 25mgs the fortnight after. i’m not holding out much hope that it will quell the voices but u never know so i’m going to try it anyway. what’s the best med uv been on?


The best 2 meds I’ve been on are Haldol and Stelazine. Good luck with the Haldol!

my shrink said it’s now the med of choice for acute admissions so it seems like a good choice. xxx

Yes, Haldol can make a floridly psychotic patient do a 180 in about 2-3 hours. When I was in the hospital, they used to give what we called B-52s. Benztropine (Cogentin), 5mg of Haldol, and 2mg of Ativan. I would get these injections whenever I got out of control. But that was almost 20 years ago. Now I’m too old for all that fighting and acting out. I was just 13 when they gave me these shots.

Clozaril and Latuda have been the best meds for me. They’re the only antipsychotics that stopped my hallucinations. I’ve been on Latuda for 3 years now, and haven’t heard any voices in quite some time.

I hope that you can find a med that takes away your voices too!



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I get a Haldol shot of 100mgs every two weeks and it works for me. It took some time for it to work but in the end I feel much better and don’t hear the voices that much.

This is so true about Haldol. I was so psychotic and mixed manic when I entered into the hospital, 4 orderlies, and I think it was a cop or guard had to hold me down. I was forced injected with Haldol. The next day, I was smiling and whistling out of my room - completely down to earth. It is a very good old school med in my opinion. I responded quickly on it. :angry: :pill: :smiley: Hope it works out for you Jayne :sunny:

Good luck jayne. Keep us posted on the effectiveness of haldol. I am quite curious.

i hope it goes well for you.
take care

75 mg of haldol decanoate (injectable) every 2 weeks was so effective in quieting my voices I actually got lonely.
Think I was on the shot for about a year. Felt really good on it. If I had insurance and a pdoc, I’d consider doing it again.
Best of luck and hope it does the trick for you.