Who has diagnozed with schizoaffective disorder

Hi; i m just wonder who has schizoaffective disorder at this forum.i have sza disorder and i m suicidal and depression all the time.i m really any other sza disorder patient who has sharing same feelings with me?

I have schizophrenia n depression(schizoaffective-disorder).i had a lot of negative thought but I would never actually commit suicide cause it prohibited in my religion along with other religions I guess. I’m feeling much better these days on risperidone 4mg and 10mg of Abilify. If u get the right drugs you will feel better I’m sure. There’s no cure for schizophrenia yet but with the right treatment a person can cope to some extent. I hope you feel better soon


I’m sorry you’re depressed.

A big hug to you.

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I hope you feel better soon. I also have sza but bipolar too

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