Who has an air fryer?

My husband bought me an air fryer when he got paid. Used it the first time today. My mozzarella sticks came out so crispy!

Do you have an air fryer? What kind? Do you like it?

Mine is one of the Ninja Foodi brand. It can fry, dehydrate, and roast. Trying chicken nuggets now.


My brother has one, he loves it, it works great, makes things crispy without oil.

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It really made the cheese sticks and nuggest crispy. Making the entire dinner with it tonight.


that sounds good enjoy your dinner have fun with it.


I have an air popcorn maker.
No air fryer though.


I have an air fryer but haven’t used it yet. I hear really good things about them.


I lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago by roasting meat and plenty of roast vegetables in the air fryer. We as a family lived on it as it was so quick and easy. They make excellent fat free fries/chips too.

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We have one but don’t use it often. I like the food it makes but the basket is just too small, need to run multiple times for all the family at home.

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We have one too.

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Mine can hold up to 2 pounds of fries. It was enough for most everyone. I set the oven on 180f to keep the nuggets warm while tge fries cooked.


I would like an air fryer.

Isn’t it just a small oven?

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How does one fry without oil?

Ive got one and its great for doing stuff like chicken thighs, or chips or nuggets. Ive even baked a potato in one. And it cooks it in half the time.

Theres loads of recipes on the net on what you can cook in one. You would be surprised how versatile it is. Mines a Bosch i got off amazon for £70 quid.

If you want your fries extra crispy - just drizzle a bit of sunflower oil over them.

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Yeah - but it cooks a hell of alot quicker than a traditional oven.

@seththenew I see, faster is better. That would make me want one.

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We have a ninja air fryer, and it’s pretty rad. I’m not the best at using it, but I can make some chicken wings that slap pretty hard. I wish we had a bigger one, because it is sort of lame having to make stuff for dinner in rounds. If I ever live on my own it will be a staple for cooking.

Yeah, I wish they held more.

How easy is clean up?

Seems pretty easy. Just wash out the basket. Has a removable crisper tray.