Anyone here use an air fryer?

I loves me some French fries, but grease. Looking at an air fryer so I can get my fry fix without consuming half a pint of fat along with. Anyone here using one and can say Yay or Nay?

I’m down to this or the T-Fal Actifry, which looks… Underwhelming and junky.


My mom loves hers, but I wouldn’t consider that a ringing endorsement because she has terrible taste buds.

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I think you’ve just set a speed record for…


…on a discussion!!!



I have a philips air fryer and I use it nearly every day. I’ve had it for over a year now.

The chips are amazing and I was surprised that they were so good with a spoonful of oil.

I also roast my veg in it, and meat.

Cooking for one, it is ideal and saves me electricity on not using the big oven.

I highly recommend buying one. Healthy fries are so much better than oven chips!


I might get the ninja foodi grillimage

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i dont eat chips in my flat

Air fryers are great!

They make the best low-oil grilled cheese sandwiches. Just put some cheese between bread slices, spritz Pam on the top and bottom, and air fry at 350F for 5 minutes each side. Super crispy! Better than the mushy grilled cheese of pan frying, and way less oil.


Sorry. I just mean I don’t trust my mom to recommend food. I’m sure the air fryer is awesome.

I just bake my chips in the oven

Foodi Grill

Doesn’t that get expensive?

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I’ve used one, but not as upmarket as that one. I’ve only used a few times to cook chips . It was ok.

I won’t be using it again in a hurry as I can’t find the instruction booklet .

The problem is that the only thing that REALLY duplicates deep fried food is an actual deep fryer. My problem is that too much grease makes my gut act up. I know it’s not going to be a good as deep fried, but hopefully something I can live with.

You’re obviously more of a food connoisseur than me . Chips are just chips to me .

atm i’ve been trying to keep my freezer topped up with microwave meals, its a lot cheaper than takeaway food, if i ever managed to prepare normal meals then i think that could be cheaper but i’m not sure, i get nice ready meals for £2-£3 each

i think if i pealed and cut the potatoes thinly myself then i could trust them, i dont trust chips very much, too many bad ones, maybe i’m just potato paranoid lol

I was a chef in my first career and I still would be if my back allowed for it. So I’m picky about my food. A proper chip has got a good crisp on the outside and is fluffy soft on the inside. I actually cut my fries from cured Russet potatoes, blanch them, and freeze them after tossing them in seasoning salt and a bit of cayenne pepper. They come out pretty good in the oven, but I think an air fryer would do them more justice.

Here’s a good guide on blanching your fries:



My brother worked as a commis chef mostly in London(I’m not sure he got higher than that. he wasn’t that ambitious) and a waiter for a number of years before he became ill .

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I highly recommend an air fryer, my friends that have them also enjoy using them.
I’ve only really done chips/fries in mine, but, friend does fish in hers quite a lot.

If you have family or cook for others, you might want to look for one that has cooking on more than one level. I like them as they definitely get a nice crisp crunch, heat up super fast and easy to clean.

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Have you looked at the ninja air fryer? I would like to hear your opinion.

Yes. The base model is too small. I need something with enough capacity to cook up a batch of food for three or four people. The Cosori is 5.8 qts, the Ninja is 4 qts. The next level of Ninja up is kind of pricey and it’s also a weird air fryer pressure cooker combo. I already have a pressure cooker and I’m suspicious about how well you can combine the two functions into one unit. The Cosori looks to be the closest fit for my needs.

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