Who felt terrible in the beginning of his treatment?

Cause now I struggle tough with lithium… My mother thinks that I should feel better in the start of every med, but me I think that sometimes the meds are just tough in their beginning and its normal, no? who is right? she or me?
gosh, she wants that ill get better just like this, yeah…

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You’re the one who’s right


It can sometimes take up to 6 weeks or several months for the medicines to function properly.

To expect an immediate change is a little bit over-enthusiastic and is setting you up to feel failure.
Tell her she needs to be patient.


It took months for the depression to stop and the psychosis never quit.

thank you both honeys :slight_smile: Yeah. Me too I cant imagine to change my state which is dramatic since 15 years, just like this… And she puts me tons of pressure. She has a depressive friend who got better on the second day of her meds, but for god sake, I have other severe mi…

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Meds tend to take months for me to really work. I agree, you are right.

How were you feeling in the beginning of your treatment? does it was an instant relief or it was tough?

I find most psych meds take around 6 weeks to notice a difference.

Ok, I see, jimbob. Its just that my state worsened now a bit in term of increased anxiety… If it continues like this, ill have to quit the lithium.

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Are you still taking zyprexa?

yes. my doc didn’t want me to take it off cause he is afraid exactly from a psychosis. The chances are bigger on lithium. But even without the lithium, I need some small doses of Zyprexa I think.

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Have you had a blood test for the lithium levels yet?

Epilepsy medications that I take that have helped me took a few weeks to work.

The anti psychotic i was recently put on didnt take too long at all. I noticed an effect just after a week and gradual improvement from there.

I think they are all different. I have never been on lithium. So you aren’t wrong and don’t expect instant improvement at all. Your doctor can explain that I’m sure if it helps.

I felt terrible when i started with my first antipsychotic. Abilify…it was awful…

Did you get used to it kerli? After how much time? You had anxiety, is that right? I know that abilify causes anxiety…

I felt inhumanly abnormal…i remember riding my bicycle and i wasnt on earth…i felt like the med was eating my brain. So i stopped taking it and was hospitalized 10 times. But i tried 7 other pills and they were ok. Now im very used to xyprexa kind of.

Thanks for the answer… well, for me the aps dont work. I need something lifting because my negatives are strong. I have also very bad anxiety and no ap didn’t work on it… Ill wait on the lithium but i start to be out of options. antidepressants are risky for me too.

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