After how much time did you feel your meds?

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I know that some of you feel their meds even in days, but its not my case. I hope theres a point to take mines. Somebody said here that the meds should act in days, but ive heard from docs that you can put months to feel them. And in my case, my doc said for me, that some people recover with years, not months…
Its strange that I wasn’t feeling anything with the Zyprexa, no? Now, sometimes, I started to feel something, but I am not sure what it is. I am far from the recovery too.

Usually it takes weeks to get full effect

But what if the illness went too deep? my docs talk about months too.

It’s been a few weeks since I started taking geodon and I think it’s working.

I am not absolutely sure but I have been told most medications take 4-6 weeks to get in your system

I guess those are the lucky ones. Some people doesn’t feel their meds with months.

What antipsychotic are you taking?

Zyprexa. I took aps for seven years and they were all like candies for me. This means I am crazy, yes. But switching wasn’t helping me. I am on Zyprexa 7,5 mg since two years and on 10 mgs since 5 months. I still have the hope that they’ll end up by doing something. Its not normal to feel them as candies, they are heavy meds…

Vraylar took months to get the full effect. Other meds and people and situations are different. I recovered from a severe psychotic break. I’m not looking for sympathy.

Anna, I hope you start feeling better.

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Your not crazy and Zyprexa may not be the drug for you. Peoples bodies work differently. I for one got psychotic after taking Seroquel. I would ask your psychiatrist. Psychiatrists probably knows more than I do

Seroquel makes me crazier. It increases my paranoia. Its not for me. I told you, my doc just said that ill always suffer. None of their meds doesn’t work on me or they make me crazier. We just keep the Zyprexa, which k=helps me to not be in the bed, but I am unhappy still.

Did they ever try clozapine? Zyprexa is a derivative of clozapine?

yes. I tried around 11 aps. I almost died with clozapine. I find the Zyprexa different.

Wow sorry to hear that. I hope they find something for you. You could ask about genetic testing there are companies that list what drugs work best.

Ok, thanks. I just hope that now that I don’t switch aps anymore, the Zyprexa could work. Theres still some chance :confused: . But I am also aware of the helpless look of my pdocs… I think I don’t respond to meds very well. They said to pay efforts. And one pdoc even told me, that they gave me too many meds… Now I am dumb and lonely and unhappy. I was it before though too.

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Don’t look down on yourself they just need to find the right thing. Maybe the Zyprexa might take a few months. Psychiatrist know more about meds than me so they could be right.

My last doc said that ill always suffer from the negatives. I want to tell her, that she is not perfect as well, yeah I am dumb…

I hope everything works out for you

What do you think about the people, who never get better? My family doesn’t believe in me I find.

Well if they don’t get better there are resources where I live to help them with activities of daily living.