I change on my meds now. But why now?

Well, its still not for a good but its in a way something better. I really change now in some moments. Its been 9 months, that i upped my zyprexa… But why now? Maybe my doc wasnt liying to me, that meds can work even in years? Its a long time, but maybe some of us need this time no? Maybe a year or even more is needed to see some improvement, what do you think? :grinning:
I also wanted to share, that i tried around ten aps for 7 years and i never felt an improvement while switching them after six months on every of them lol… Switching is no good either, isnt it?
I also pay some efforts now but they are few tbh… And in the evenings i still get my physical bad stuff like weakness in my hands and legs until shakiness even. I need to be in bed then. Idk why i have even physical symptoms from my illness…


Yeah it can take a while for some meds. Took me 18 months on quetiapine

How did you remain patient for this time jimbob? Some people throw their meds for such a time, cause they think they dont act… My pdoc thought before i should respond faster, but after those seven years, she said to just wait now with the zyprexa…

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Tbh I was very sedated during those 18 months I was too tired to be impatient. But I have come through that zombie period into new clarity and respite of thought

Oh, ok i see, thanks for the answer. For me too sometimes its hard precisely because of the meds. For me its tough also, cause all my ill friends get better from their meds very fast, after three, four months and me i thought for longtime, that my meds doesnt work on me. But now i think, that there is smth here now lol :grinning:. Plus i had those seven years of always switching, which wasnt working for me.

@Anna1 do you still get positive symptoms even on meds? If so, what are they? Or are you hoping to get better from negative symptoms?
Also, can you say how long you were on the 10 atypical antipsychotics?

I’ve tried at least 10. Nothing has changed.

I never had hallucinations or voices. Maybe I have some paranoia which is a positive. But I have anxiety too and Idk from which I suffer more… I still have strong fears and I still wait from the meds to work… I also wait to get better on negatives, yeap. I don’t stand ads, so I try with aps. Some docs say aps can work for negatives, even the sedative ones…
Well, I tried 10 aps, yes, but not in the same time lol. I gave to any of them around 4, 5, 6 months, even more for some of them. I think its long enough to see that they didn’t move me a lot. Tbh, even the Zyprexa is not a big help now, but at least it maintains me a bit. It calmed down a bit my fears, but not enough. But I take it, cause without it I even stop eating and I am in bed with over rumination.

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