Who decides what a "Trigger" is?

So there seems to be a lot of people who get “triggered” by almost anything, so I have a question what exactly is considered a trigger?

Isn’t it a personal problem since anything can be a trigger to someone?

Like this thread might be a trigger to someone… where do we draw a line?

Trigger is a term used to describe when something starts an episode. Basically cause and effect.

Like for example an explosion or loud noise could “trigger” a veteran with PTSD to have flashbacks.

Or how talking about religion can “trigger” someone’s delusions

Or how getting bumped into in a crowded place could trigger an anxiety attack.

Some triggers are less common than others like for example a weird trigger I have is smooth jazz because my abuser would listen to it a lot. So I associate it with her. And I start to panic when I hear it.

The thing is triggers are valid and if something we do makes someone uncomfortable we should take steps to avoid it if we can.

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Roy Rogers…………

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Yes, so like I said anything can be considered a trigger to anyone… why do mods chose to close some threads over someone being triggered?

If you post a thread and I consider it triggering will they close it? It triggered me!

i think its like a gun, you pull the trigger and people get hurt, you could use the argument that it depends who is in control of the gun as to whether it is dangerous or not

That’s actually a very good question.

I typically close threads that either violate the forum guidelines or that have received multiple flags from the community.

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I don’t think it’s that simple. The issue is that some people post threads where they’re just trying to confirm their delusions, at which point the thread becomes dangerous and is closed if the discussion continues to go against recovery. Alternatively, some people post non recovery oriented threads talking about religion or aliens or government surveillance for the sole purpose of triggering people, and then they try and act all innocent when they’re called out and flagged.


Okay so you say religion,aliens or government surveillance might be triggers for SOME people, what about the thread I posted about poems where you left a reply that I should make a trigger warning because some people might get triggered by the content?

It never ends, I could be triggered by something that isn’t a trigger to you or anyone else.

By the way how do you know the intentions of someones postings for the “sole purpose of triggering people”?

Are you telepathic?

Mods have guidelines to follow just as regular members have guidelines that should be followed. I’m personally grateful for that TW label. I don’t have stiff standards but things like showing pics of past self harm or threads being started about people and children in particular being harmed get to me.

But I hear what you are saying. Sometimes when we sz/sza aren’t feeling well we don’t quite think a thread or a post through before writing it. Which is when the Mods come in.

Maybe it’s that old adage the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. But I’m no expert on anything. Thanks for your POV.



Ah, yes. I mean, the writer isn’t exactly promoting recovery, but I suggested a trigger warning because his delusions are rather vague, and I didn’t want anyone getting any ideas for their delusions just from reading about his.

Hmm… Yes, I suppose I have no way of knowing if that was the sole purpose. That’s just how it comes across based on the posts that I’ve seen flagged and the threads that I’ve seen locked. People repeatedly making topics for discussing and comparing delusions, for instance.


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