The Myth of I'm triggered and it's your fault (article)

Lots of people on here get triggered by certain things including myself but what can we do about it?

The Myth of Im Triggered and its Your Fault

Some people that get triggered only care about themselves and flag other people even if it wasn’t bad because they don’t like it and don’t care about the feeling of the person that posted

hippos proceed to flag the entire country of yemen :relieved::relieved::relieved:


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Hmm I can be triggered by people saying mean things on social media and I’m told to stay away but it happens in real life too :woman_shrugging: Not to be mean or hijack but I can’t completely isolate from life and people and be bored. Sorry

I actually care about the feelings of the people they’re triggering. This is a community for vulnerable people. If you’re after free wheeling discussions you should use Reddit.


This is looking like a thread for people to who want to make excuses to be able to post about things that are not allowed here…This looks to be the point of the thread in my mind. Why else would it be posted here where we dont allow certain threads that may trigger people?..

Look what happens every single time someone posts on The Matrix or The Truman Show in UB. It’s like catnip to certain users who always show up and get wound up. Some to the point where they get suspended.

Edit: This category is for SZ news only. The OP isn’t SZ news.

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GOing to move to lounge as well.

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