Who can help me win this battle?

Right now I’m experiencing something that might be similar. I’ll see a shadow move out of the corner of my eye, and it will seem just like a cat. Also, I see little flashes, like a small flame. I’ll glance at where it came from, and nothing will be there. I’m starting to think I might be getting Parkinson’s disease. I’m at that age, and I think the med’s can do that to you. I’m going to ask a doctor about it. Maybe your med’s are having this effect on you. Tell your pdoc about it, and see if he can put you on different med’s. Oh, and welcome to our discussion site. We’re glad to have you.

Yeah I know it can be really freaky I’d had this for on and off for about 15 years now, what I think is they need your attention in order to emotionally blackmail you, that’s what mine try to achieve.
You need to retrain your mind not to notice them, and to try to make nonsense sounds in your head with your doing things like passwords so you would go bap app bip when typing out your private details.

i see those type of things too… it feels like someone is following you or people are talking about me if i pass by them
but i dont take any kind of medicene it all started when i left using crystal meth
i think that drug might have triggered something

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OMG 15 years… its about a month or soo for me and i am tired of these voices
they are triggered by God know what… they are quite sometimes and all of a sudden they start to reappear

Drug overdose can definitively cause SZ. It can be permanent in rare cases. You might be genetically susceptible to SZ on top of that.

That could be true. Talk to a doctor about it, preferably one who knows about meth and what it can do to you.

i think thats the case… it all started in an empty room i was alone and i was smoking meth from the time i woke up
it was like someone wanted me to throw those things or they would kill me

Yeah, you’ve noticed that aswell, They are baiting your for your attention in order to put the hook in.

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I will c/p what I just said to another member about drugs and SZ:

Stay away from friends using drugs, even weed.
Better have no friends than having bad friends.
I now have no friends and I am happier than when I had bad friends.

Just ignore and forget them. Delete and block their number, their social media and stop talking to them. Do you have family? I stay with my family all the time, they’re good and my best friends.

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I hear loud ass voices telling me ism going to hell for my habits

You said you quit smoking already, what’s their damned problem now.

Voices are pointless.

I haven’t quit yet but working on it iv reduced it about half I think but they say it’s to late they had a death game with me and some one else in my head that didnt quit either but he quit a week ago before I did and they say hes a god cuz I wouldn’t fallow their instructions to fight him controlling me I just smoked instead this all happend on the third of sunday cuz they say that they are god

i just smoke ciggrattes now. the bad voices have reduced… but cant figure out what do they actually want

yes thats a good advice ill surely look forward to follow it…
thanks you guys are really supportive !

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Smoking makes my voices worse but helps with anxiety

Hi, welcome to the forum. I experience voices and whispering in the beginning, when I was hospitalised. It lasted a couple months after that. The medication helped make it go away completely. Definitely look into antipsychotic medication.

did your voices stoped??
how did they started i am curious to know that because i think mine were started after i overdosed meth i guess. i want to what is your side of story

Yes, they did stop.

How it started was, I was experiencing very high stress levels that resulted in psychosis. I’d never heard of stress induced psychosis, but there it happened. The stress also caused insomnia, and so I had not slept much for several days. Actually, sleep was scarce for weeks before it happened, and that wasn’t very good. I was up for like 2 days straight at a time, and in between just fall asleep for 2/3 hours. I was feeling all weird, like I wasn’t in reality. Suddenly one night, when I was lying in bed, I realised I could hear voices that weren’t there. Very frightening, but it’s gone fortunately.

i think mine were started after i overdosed meth

Yes, drugs are very well known to cause psychosis. That’s very likely the cause in your case, or at least that’s what aggravated it. I highly recommend you stay away from drugs and alcohol while you dealing with this. Get lots of sleep too. Most importantly, see a psychiatrist for medication. Good luck!

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