Who can help me win this battle?

these whispers stop and suddenly they turn on haunting me with things i have done or i am about to do… cant quit understand if thats an angel or the devil

No Angel’s or devils. It’s your brain and needs medication.

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i thought of attempting suicide but my girlfriends voice helped me get releaxed
these voices are sometimes too cruel and sometimes too supportive
cant figure out whats happening

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Yea that’s why I don’t like voices. If they were always nice then it’s fine but you can’t trust it to remain like that


The voices are reflective of your stress level. If you are super stressed, so are they and they seem evil. And vice versa. But if you are truly unstressed you literally won’t hear them anymore.

It is a weak blood brain barrier causing the chronic brain inflammation. Not something you can reason with to fix.

yes thats it… that crystal meth i took for a few weeks triggered it

Go to the emergency and see a psychiatrist. Go with someone close to you.

Could I ask if you can perceive them from outside of your ears or from inside, would the whispers respond to your own subvocalization, would they be present 24/7 hours a day, if you hum or start a conversation with somebody does it block out the whispers.
Would placeing handphones on give you some momentary relief. Would you have trouble sleeping due to noticing them more.

Would you relate to any of this things.

exactly they are nice some times… it deppends upon the person i am hearing too
people who are friendly give friendly advices like praying bathing eating and people who hate me abuse me make me guilty for what i have done
i feel like someone can read my mind and reply

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yes very true… i could live with them if they were supportive

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yes waiting for the corona lockdown to end
dont want to get infected by another disease

No one can read your mind. The voices you’re hearing are not other people, just a sick brain making up things. You need a psychiatrist and medication to stop this. You’ll be amazed at how much life can change with proper treatment.

yes sometimes they overcome what i am thinking or what i am listening too…
its annoying to not to be able to focus on what i am doing
its like someone wants me to follow what they want me to do

its not just my brain… i forgot to tell the main thing that scared me and kinda relived my stress too at the same time
when i left taking crystal meth i was too scared tried to kill my self several times but some voice stoped me later i realized thats one of my girl friends voice
the next day i wanted to change my gmail accounts password and it was already changed
then all of a sudden a voice from my family told me that my passwords is the same we just turned it into capital letters
then how could i not belive that its not real.??

Because it’s a symptom of sz to see coincidence in everything. You probably changed it and forgot.

do you mind sharing your email or inbox me your whatsapp? i need a little support
not comfortable here to share everything sadly :frowning:

I know what I’ve learnt to do is to is total blank them out, it takes a while to train your attention detector to do this, even when the whispers are baiting you with toxic materiel.

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We have PMs for that, but I feel we can talk fine here in the thread. That allows other members to help.

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its scary sometimes its like someone is asking my all my life stuff my passwords my phone numbers

ohh thanks to let me know
i didnt knew the forum rules… i was getting frustrated with these voices so i tried to seek help online