Who can help me win this battle?

I need someone to help me through this… this is actually so annoying… i need someone who has been through these whispers things. i have so much to talk about.

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I wanna help you man but I don’t have the full picture yet. I’ll tag you when I get there.

do you also hear whispers?? or did you before??

Welcome to the forum @Xubair! I’ve never heard whispers, but I’m sure others here have. This is a very supportive community. I’m glad you found us.

If you’re hearing whispers you need to speak to a psychiatrist. They will then most likely put you on medication which will hopefully stop the whispers.

Have you spoken to a psychiatrist about this yet?


looking forward to find someone who have…

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You need to provide more details. :frog::frog::frog:

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Hearing voices like whispers are a sign of positive symptoms of SZ, its a hallucination and needs antipsychotic meds prescribed by a psychiatrist.


There’s no mystery. It’s whacky brain chemistry that’s rectified by medication. There’s no other deep meaning to it.

I get the impression that you want someone to support a view that the whispers come from some supernatural occult force.

Would I be right?

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First you need good meds. Have to go through a pdoc for this. Might fix everything with that.

Then, you can consider this:

And if that isn’t enough, try this:

This actually can heal the physiological damage causing your issues. Lots of testimonials and studies about how it is good for mental illness.

But I feel like I am plateauing a bit on the Daily Essential Nutrients. I’m trying something called PEMF after. It’s a medical device. I feel that will break through the plateau.

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nope i havent i am not sure about my condition
i am not mad these voices makes some sense sometimes they dont at all too confused

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i dont need to get myself addicted on medications
i hate those pills

You don’t get addicted to psych meds. They help you lead a better life by helping reduce or eliminate voices.

People not on medication experience psychosis which leads to damage in the brain.

can we talk privately ?? that would be great

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A low dose of antipsychotics is better than none. Big difference in symptoms and minimal side effects.

I’m going to sleep soon so I can’t. But it’s an anonymous forum and everyone is willing to help.

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They’re not addictive. You can’t live or function without them. You have no choice. If you say no voices will tell you to kill yourself and you will die.
It happened (suicide) to me 3 times when unmedicated, once I was very close to die from severe liver damage from Tylenol intoxication.

I have heard whispers off and on throughout my battle with this illness, I think I know what your going through kind of. Like whispers of random people I don’t know. Also, welcome to the forum

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i need to know if this all starts suddenly or something triggers it??

The onset of schizophrenia can feel sudden but is usually predated by slowly getting ill with symptoms you may not even remember.

Drugs can trigger it suddenly.