Diagnosed with schizophrenia and hearing voices

I am a smoker with schizophrenia and hearing voices. Lately I have been hearing voices and they tell me to get off my olanzapine and they wont leave me alone. I just started to get off them now. I been trying tea to help dimm them down but thats not enough. I went phsycotic in front of my doctors and my parents and they keep telling me to take my medications regardless of what the voices say. I am in need of help to get rid of them because if i keep taking them the voices wont leave me alone and they are actually talking to me. any help please.


Keep taking your medication. Don’t listen to the voices under any circumstances.

Tell your doctor that you’re still hearing voices even with Olanzapine.

They might then put you on something stronger like Clozapine.


Have you ever considered an injectable? Once a month shot, or so.

I know a lot of people who have success with it.

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I take prolyxin shot for it it sdoesnt work i have been taking it for many months

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Sometimes it takes some experimentation and trying multiple antipsychotics to find the right fit for you.

Sorry to hear that it doesn’t work.

I would tell my doctor about the voices.

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I cant take medications

And I told my doctors about them they keep prescribing me clozaril

Just keep taking medications as directed and do any therapy offered. Recovery from schizophrenia is often a slow process and it takes a while to get the positive symptoms under control. Patience and follow-through are what will see you through.

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they wont stop bothering me its like hearing multiple voices talking to me i am going nuts right now.

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I know some users here hear less voices when listening to music for example

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I’ve had horrible reactions to shots, so I only take medicine in pill form. Zyprexa 7.5mg doesn’t get rid of my voices but it makes them nicer. They don’t insult me or command me to do things anymore. I would prefer they be gone, but most antipsychotic medicines give me bad akathisia.

Best way out of this hell is to get a good psychiatrist, one that LISTENS to you (not all of them do) and be your own advocate. Keep trying different APs and different doses until you find one that has a beneficial effect/side effect ratio. I gained 20 pounds and am a bit jittery, but I’m sane. I consider the tradeoff worth it.

what should i eat or drink that would help with the voices

or schizophrenia in general

They wont agree with me if i dont stop taking medications or listen to them they get worse i stop taking all my meds today

It’s best to take medication. As others suggested perhaps you might try a different medication that may be better for you. Sometimes it takes a few to find one that works best for you. I’ve struggled with finding the right medication before. Right now I still hear voices from time to time but I prefer being more coherent and stable than letting the illness take over and affect my life negatively.

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but they wont let me take them

they get worser if i dont listen to them

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