White pumpkin seeds

These are like the most delicious awesome snack I have had.
I had forgotten how good they taste!

I don’t know how much I ate of these on vacation. :smile:

Middle east is very popular with these types of snacks. I buy a kilogram of a mix here, all roasted and salted. A handful is like 500 calories ::smile:


Once I worked with a Persian girl and she got me something my dad used to feed the birds with and I ate like the whole of it. I don’t remember what it was called ?! @aliali do you know the types of edible seeds or something?

If it was very tiny, it has been sth we call arzan(millet) or maybe it was cotton seeds, I don’t know exactly, I know some of them,

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Looks delicious.:blush:

When I was using lite and easy they had amazing snacks so thoughtfully put together.
The musli bars may of been the best I have ever had.
Beeeaaautiful Musli bars.:two_hearts:

Seeds are usually great.

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The thing I like about pumpkin seeds is they are loads with zinc. I think there one of the highest sources of zinc. I like them slightly roasted, I can’t really eat them raw.

So if your looking for good quality zinc you should try pumpkin seeds.

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