Late night snack/meal

What’s your favorite? I’ve been really into ramen lately. The pizza I had last night hit the spot though.


I’ve been eating popcorn with grated cheese on it.

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Is that a real thing? Does it taste as good with shredded? I’m scared to try.

My favorite snack:

Real cod liver and garlic.

Vitamin D, protein, fats, and antimicrobial properties.

Perfect brain food.

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anyways…I had some milk and a couple of tangerines…

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I don’t know about that man.

I just had a cup and a half of fresh grapes. Trying to dial it back on the snacking as I’m wont to consume processed crud.

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I should’ve put a disclaimer in my post. Warning Healthy Food. :slight_smile:

I thought I might include ancient medicine food like garlic. Best time to eat garlic is many hours before going somewhere out because of it’s strong scent. Canned cod liver is cheap and healthy option to snack even at your work.

I’m saving my disability money. So buying expensive food is not an option. Food that I eat is very palatable and satiating mostly because of good ratios of macro nutrients that humans normally would need to survive in the nature.

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I love honey roasted peanuts, I eat them all the time

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