Whistle blowing a cure

Alright after about 3 solid years studying now, narrowing down the possible reasons you or me may feel ill. Well frankly for most diagnosis it comes down to our main sense which is smell. I thought at first when I stumbled upon this, my nose is just my nose then I read articles about olfactory function in evolution. And how smell is part of the immune system for one. Did you know that we humans can send scents off in various directions. Smell is a primal sense in mating. Now they even have DNA compatibility sites where you can meet your biological match.

I’m saying bluntly if you pay give your sense of smell 100% of your attention you will discover various avenues of communication you never knew were there. I never knew that pheromones are scents transferred by the genitals, I may not be 100% accurate but to me that is what it seems like,

You ever greet another human while breathing in at each other. Well there it is dead on communication. No words necessary. You notice how attractive women sway there hips as they walk away. I think being such modern humans we taboo certain behavior like something dogs would do no problem without a public indecency charge.

Well your posture, your cleanliness, the way you gauge another persons sense of smell is the answer, however olfactory practice takes dedication. Those nerve endings of the olfactory bulb meet an dangle right about where it meets in between the eyes. It is so very chemical there are 10,000 good smells as well as 10,000 bad smells.

I wonder if their has been a medicine to enhance such a sense. Because sense of smell we get our sweet memories back we experience the life we missed. And I’m saying this is just the beginning now that I pin pointed my specific chemical imbalance. For others it may be completely different. But I know for me it is appropriate conscious awareness. And your presence trans subconsciously over far distances. That is why you cannot really surprise a person because your aura reaches them before you actually arrive in their presence.

It is definitely the language of how we read each other. Nature has made it that way. Some of you have seen national geographic well it doesn’t differ that much between me and you I dispel who ever argues against that.

Once I learn more about DNA the further this understanding goes… like our ancestors they found scientists the oldest DNA of a homo sapien dated 140,000 years ago. I might be related to some of you all through a distant father way back in the tree of DNA. Don’t be duped by DNA sites that charge you but cannot really explain what genetic markers are and how they match you to a specific mate. Soul mate lol I got none around here lol so you can obviously notice people using their nose I’m saying evolve that as your sense of communication it takes patience and not reacting on impulse but we gather so much sensory info by doing so, it only makes sense. Have a good one!

So like really, tell me more about this cure of yours!

Don’t sneak into my house and think I won’t know your there, because I can tell without a doubt I’m not alone. Doesn’t require high tech to have be aware of how the air currents change when another being with more mass than my cats have breeched the security inside the perimete.
Laminate wood flooring is also a dead giveaway as well.