When you inhale thru ur nose


Your also bringing sound out of the into your olfactory senses as well. Sound travels trough air and smell captures air just a neat thought. Phermones and understanding them is the ultimate goal for any being in nature to send and recieve universal data amongst beings it is how we are wired.


be careful with this idea . seems a little far out there


Be careful with MY idea levelJ1. You know an idea you need to be careful with is Allah, and Jesus, BE careful with THOSE far out ideas. Iā€™m talking straight up relaying pheromone science and I understand why many peoples day to day are oblivious to the reality that actually controls them.


oh i am very careful with those ideas to. I dont even go near religion anymore.
I know what your saying about pheremones could be true. (i would have to do my own research)

but just be careful is all, sometimes when we go so deep into the technicalities of science we can get unusual ideas because of us being prone to psychosis or delusion.

an example of an unusual idea that could stem from this : You can communicate to others by being aware of inhaling through your nose due to the pheremones that are present.

That would be an Unusual belief

Thats great to learn about though


One time I was in the army and we had gone to the field in winter. I was blowing up my air mattress and all the snot in my nose froze. I sneezed about six or seven times.


There is no odor made by man that I want to smell.


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Well I do appreciate the caution. But we all have to study where we lack because of our illness, and bring it to truth. We all detect various senses as well as emit various responses a broad term would be body language.

But there are deeply molecule type chemical messengers like testosterone for instance. Women love that because they were designed to be attracted to guys who are protective of their spouse and family.

I mean I do not go over board on anything which I know can be illness driven. Unusual thoughts reality is stranger than fiction is what I keep in mind. And honestly my illness has improved by straight up being mentally concious and aware of how these things work in the body. It happens to us around the clock it is called biological function and all living things have DNA.

Now I can get deep into dna because I recently had two DNA test done one where I was not the father. And the first thing that came to mind was how. Because I mean the child looked like me but whatever.

That sent me on a quest to understand dna allele frequency my gosh I thought frequency the word was a sonic word dealing with sound as we look back into our ancestral genetics there various markers like a skitzo gene for example.

The truth seems crazier than the denial of it. Trees have dna, I do not think rocks do.