Whats called an olfactory CN 1


Lets get it together. Nerve endings at the back of your throat. Enable you to sense things around you.

We can train our senses to do better. For example smelling things.

I know my illness is in my olfactory and can be identified, because my sense of smell in the past was more keen.

Well everyday with the help of medication I train my nose to bring back those keen senses. Just like you would train something else, or lift weights we can train to smell better.
It is important because schizophrenia is not just a mental disorder but a dysfunction of the senses.

We just remind ourselves through recovery to focus on our senses. And througout our daily tasks and decisions, be aware of how our senses are working.
It is rather easy for the nose all you have to do is flush out the mucus back there by rinsing it with water multiple times daily.

I made this a practice. Mucus nullifys the sense of smell and if you cannot smell danger than you will possibly become unaware of it.

We receive so much sensory information through our nose. Being able to smell well optimizes everything.

And of course is part of my forward quest to recovery.


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Very nice info erratica i totally smell phermones and dont know much about them but i watch animals sense each others humans sense are no different i guess i guess its how we train our noses thanks


To be blunt about and I apologize for any indencency just keeping it real now, the human anus functions as a body language communicator as well. Maybe someone could put it in a more proper sense but no pun intended is real sense because after the digestion process your stomach sends s signal.

Back on track smell from far away BBQ in the air