Which step have you reached today?

The best I usually manage is “How do I do it?” Occasionally I’ll manage the next step.


I’m usually stuck in “I want to do it”.


Lately I’ve been stuck at “How do I do it?”

I wont do it…!!!

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Quite often it’s hard to get past “I can’t do it”. My faith in my ability is rather low.

Well, I achieved the goal set for today, but it was only a small one.

How do I do it?

Between “I’ll try to do it” and “I can do it”.

I beat the Devil.

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I want to do it

(delirious lol) “I did it?” It ends when you’re dead.

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Today I’m at I’m almost done! But generally I’m at I can’t do it. It was amazing to get to I’ll try to do it.

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I want to do it.
Looks at "it."
I don’t really want to do it.
Rinse and repeat.

I’ve been going up and down that staircase all day. :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m working on a new fantasy novel and, if everything goes fine, it will be a trilogy of fantasy and adventure. So far so good, I’m loving it (I love to love writing and storytelling, and I love the fact that risperdal hasn’t destroyed my creativity). I don’t say “I will do it” I say “I’m doing it” because every day I work 1 hour on it. Eventually I’ll build up to 2 hours and then 3

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Sometimes I can’t get past I’ll try to do it because I can’t do it. More and more can do it nowadays.

I was about to do it then I noticed my one weakness…flights of stairs…

Went to vocational counseling appointment.Sat patiently while counselor looked for open positions. Fixed resume.
–>Took the final resume/work application to an in-person site and submitted employment application! Was dressed in nice clothes, too! (ran home to change before hand and dabbed on body mist and deodorant to conceal the fact that I took a shower at like midnight and not at 9 am like I do when I’m functioning in above average mode).

I even wore high heeled boots to drop off the app!
Also, I texted a friend to keep in touch.

It was a good day, overall! Going for a walk in a little bit

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Love this image, OP.

I’m between “I can” and “I will” in terms of my recovery from mental illness as well as opiate addiction.