Which sport team do you support?

Whichever sport,which team or person do you support?

I support Arsenal F.C for 12 years already,and bought 2 years of membership already since I started to earn my own money…I have always wanted to change and support man city,but well I guess I will stick to Arsenal and not be a glory hunter…

I play badminton and am a state player for Johor Bahru,for badminton I like tian hou Wei from china

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Baseball: San Fransisco Giants.
Football: San Fransisco 49r’s.

“It’s root, root, root for the home team. If they don’t win it’s a shame.”

Arsenal supporters are increasingly doubtful about Wenger. They reckon he’ll dither in the transfer market and not buy the quality Arsenal needs to realistically challenge for the title.

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Firemonkey,which football team do you support?

The Steelers. There are no other sports.

I used to support Chelsea a long time ago then lost interest over the years but then gravitated to Arsenal as my wife was an Arsenal supporter.

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I’m a die-hard Ravens fan. Down with the Squealers. Just some playful ribbing.

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The Ravens? The Ravens? Really?

Man, literally everyone I know in real life who likes football even a little absolutely hates the Ravens.


BTW, have the Ravens finally gotten rid of that Cleveland smell? I guess they’d have to take a bath to do that…

Just funnin, :stuck_out_tongue:

I may live in Arizona, but I’m always in Ravens nation! :smiley:

I support no sport team, I am not interested in any sports.

Terry Bradshaw turned out to be quite a character.

Capitals (hockey) redskins (nfl) redsocks (baseball) virginia tech and FSU (college football)

The Chicago cubs and the saints

Im a Liverpool fan but in truth I only really support the old shamrock, Ireland that is…we’re not the best at the mo but we need to source another few players.

Funny how things change, remember a year ago Arsenal were walking over Liverpool, when they attempted to buy Suarez for 40 million plus one pound!

Pittsburgh Penguins!