Football supporters

is anyone out there into football?did you watch the England match?and which team do you follow?i find it quite therapeutic going to watch my team play as it gets me out my flat ,singing and chatting with friends.

Ahh, you mean soccer.

yep in America you call it soccer…

I used to like Chelsea in the 60s and 70s but my wife was an Arsenal supporter and I got to liking them too.
With Chelsea I just randomly picked on a team to support when I was old enough to be interested in such things.

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I was on the soccer (football) team in high school. I was last string but boy did those practices get me in shape.

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I follow Arsenal.F.C i can name most of their player without looking at the list and i can name some of the player in english premier league also

With their players they should be doing better . Wenger should really have bought a good defensive midfielder and another centre back. I wonder whether it is time for him to step aside for a new manager.

Arsenal is a cool name for a team.

yes,i think it is time to replace someone for him as a manager,his tactics is just not as efficeint as it is in the past decade

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