Which meds are you on, what do you like and dislike about them

i wanted to make a thread to see what meds everyone are on and how they are working for them and what they like and dislike about that med

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Abilify- The only anti-psychotic that both works for me and not side-effects
Naltrexone-Meant for limiting alcoholism and drug addiction, but helps me with much more
Klonopin-I take a tiny dose and don’t exceed it and it helps with my anxiety a lot.

I don’t dislike any of my meds. Naltrexone is the best by far for me, it’s been a lifesaver for me. My doctor says I am a miracle practically.

I take haldol the shot. I like that I really don’t have any side effects. It works mostly for my voices.

I am on prolixin…I take the generic, fluphenazine…no side effects and still able to lose weight. happy !!

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I take rexulti for depression, it seems to be working better then a traditional anti-depressant. I don’t notice any side effects. I take saphris for hallucinations, it tends to keep my head fairly quiet most of the time. Of course when I’m highly stressed I still get symptoms. The saphris is sublingual and has a horrible taste that doesn’t go away very easily. All in all it’s worth it I think. I also take Lexapro for obsessive/compulsiveness. It may be contributing to my low libido. I take it so those obsessive thoughts don’t happen as often. I just started taking Topamax for mood stabilization, I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I use Ativan prn for anxiety, and of course that works. I take Cogentin for side effects. My understanding is it helps with my mild td, however I’ve recently read it doesn’t help with that so I’m not sure why I’m taking it. I need to talk to my pdoc about it.

Clopixal- does absolutely nothing for my sz
Zoloft- gives me heart problems
Seroquil - helps me actually sleep after about 2 hrs
Vitmins- so i cant get drunk
Mood stabalizers- doesnt make me mean mug

Haldol shot- I just started it and so far so good a few of the voices have left
amitriptyline- anti depressant I like that I take it at night and it helps me sleep.
latuda- works for mood problems but made me gain some weight
lithium- works for mood problems just like the latuda but makes me very thirsty
clonidine= helps me sleep
Ativan- helps with anxiety I take a low dose to prevent dependence.

Perphenazine-an oldie because I can’t take atypical antipsychotics don’t work for me.perphenazine does pretty good keeping the voices at bay.
Clonazepam for sleep and anxiety
Hydroxyzine for side effects

I like Abilify injection except it makes me bloated and weird unfortunately.

I like geodon a lot. This has been a great med for me

Latuda was a disaster

Wellbutrin is helping me i think

Tegretol —————-

I was on Tegretol for over 25 years @anon80629714.

I am currently on risperidone and I like it because besides Haldol, I take it cause it works.
But the side effects suck.
Low libido, Brest pain, high prolactin.

I like Depakote because it works better than all the other mood stabilizers.
The problem is that it drains the life out of me and is a big weight gaining med.

Wow @wave did it poop out ?

No it did not @anon80629714.
I liked Tegretol but the problem is that it makes other meds less effective.
It’s not a good med if your on a cocktail- more than one medication.

Tegretol works better as a stand alone medication.
Just like you are taking it.


Im on Abilify. I have no positive symptoms but I experience loss of libido on the meds.

Lithium - fixed my bipolar moods

Invega (6mg pill) turned down the volume on the voices

Ativan 5mg - helps with anxiety and sleep

Modafinil- keeps me awake and alert and functional

Serequel- helps with sleep, probably does some other stuff too

Abilify - it keeps me from being psychotic and not much else. I hate it but it’s the only one that really worked for me.

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I’m doing fine on Abilify 25mg daily. The dosage is heavy and it knocks me out a little bit.
Epitec 200mg for mood stabiliser. I really don’t know if this drug is helping me with anything atm. I started it a couple of years ago when I contemplated suicide and the meds help to pull me out of that deep dark hole.

Olanzapine - For the voices\delusions\paranoia
Mirtazapine - For depression
Diazepam - For anxiety
Zopiclone - For sleep

Only bad side effects are the weight gain from the Olanzapine and Mirtazapine.

Quetiapine - quieten the mind but is very sedative
Depixol - good old fashioned AP
Fluoxetine - has helped my pure O
Pregabalin - keeps the wolves of anxiety & akathisia from the door
Vitamin d - my happy pill
Omega 3
Experimenting with b complex for appetite suppression

Geodon - an antipsychotic that helps control my symptoms.
Seroquel - another antipsychotic that helps control my symptoms
Wellbutrin - an antidepressant. I don’t feel it until I don’t get it.

The only side effect of Geodon and Seroquel that I don’t like is a general weakening of my body from these drugs… I hate it. I love what these drugs do for my mind though