Which meds are you on, what do you like and dislike about them


I like how it takes away my terror, my feeling of being doomed and my anger at self and others and it makes me a more stable and dependable person.
I dislike how it takes away all other emotions, my love, my joy, my empathy, my connection to others, my energy, my cognitive skills and the possibility to truly heal the underlying problems. I dislike how it is the only “treatment” they offer and how it is forced on me. I dislike how it makes me feel like I’m stuffing the real me away underneath a blanket of drugs.

Previously was on:
Risperidone; Made me stable for about a month but shortly in, I was beginning to become psychotic again but not probably AS bad as I was off the medicine, but still not desired. The duration it worked was nice, I was doing better. I also had high prolactin levels and it was kinda concerning, it caused me to lactate and I was pretty worried about that.

Currently on:
Zoloft; Makes me less depressed, doesn’t seem to have too many side effects other than easier bruising and some times can make me tired but generally is smooth and doesn’t effect my moods in a negative way. It’s hard to tell what all it does for me mentally since I’m on another med as well, but I’d like to think it helps in keeping my depression at bay.
Vraylar; So far I’ve been on this for almost a week come tomorrow and at first, it didn’t seem to do much other than give me indigestion and make me pretty tired, but starting to show how it truly works now. I feel less sleepy unlike I did on the Risperidone and it’s giving me more motivation to be involved with my pets and even people I care about. It’s making my mood less irritable and a lot easier to stay in a positive mood. I still have small bouts of psychosis but it’s very minimal and lasts only a few moments before I return back to my improved self. I can’t say long term how this medicine will work but I like it so far! Plus there’s no reported incidents of high prolactin. It’s keeping my depression on a low level for now too, plus my thoughts aren’t as disorganized or strange on this medicine.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I’m just listing how these effected me.
So far, I like all the meds I’ve been on and don’t have any major dislikes, if it goes for libido or emotion, I kinda struggled with those to begin with so, no major loss there.

I want to try vraylar @Cipher. Hope it goes well for you.

tegretol made my head completely silent, me no likey

I’m on 10 mg abilify. It helps me plenty but I still have a the odd symptoms rarely. I was on Invega which did well with symptoms. I’ve been slowly losing weight. I like abilify but dislike that I have to take it daily. Invega was good for symptoms but I gained weight on it.

If you ever go on it, I hope it goes well for you too, I know not everyone has the same results but that’s expected with most medication.
Thanks by the way!

No worries


Perphenazine not working
Hydroxyzine okay
Clonazepam angry


Abilify - Pretty good all around, i still have internal stuff but it gets completely rid of the external stuff and helped kill my weird delusional fixation on aliens abducting me.
Prozac - I’m not sure if it really does much for my obsessive thoughts, but I sort of fibbed and told my doctor after she first put me on it that it was helping (stupid to do that) so she seems to want to keep me on it and I don’t wanna be like “I LIED” so oops. I’ve noticed since I started it whenever i get hot i get a pins and needles sensation that I didn’t get before
Wellbutrin - improves my mood some, makes me feel a bit less lethargic (think it needs to be a higher dose though), and seems to counteract the drops in blood pressure when standing that the other meds cause
Clonidine - makes me sleep which is nice, though it makes my blood pressure tank when I stand up to the point of giving me tunnel vision and almost making me pass out. I think my doctor is hesitant for whatever reason, be a personal thing, or maybe the clinic I go to, or my age, or just wanting to try other things first, to put me on anything like a benzo or zdrug for sleep problems
I also take melatonin which seems to improve my sleep and make me dream a lot more which I like.

I was on olanzapine which I felt was a really good medication that acted calming to me.

Only side effect of olanzapine I can think of was twenty kg weight gain.

I am on latuda now.
Lost ten kg on it.
Still ten kg over my normal weight that I usually have with out medication .
I am pretty stable on latuda but my jaw clenching hurts and does not feel good.
I never had jaw clenching on olanzapine.
It also seems more activating than olanzapine.
I can feel hyped in a negative way yet still exhausted.
When I tried coming off latuda it was unbearable to me so I got back on it.
I thought I could be without medication.

I might like to try geodon in six to twelve months.
I even have the prescription but I am not ready to try it yet.

I have tried other medications as well.
Can not think of all their names right now.

In Sweden I was on over five medications I think.
I had lergigan and theralen for sleep at night.
I felt even more retarded than usual on them with drooling etc.
My symptoms were worse back then and medication was not helping back the. Not ones I was on except for zoplicone that helped.

Rexulti. Fatigue, increased appetite. Doesn’t work as well on my positive symptoms as Geodon did.