Which is worse: delusions or voices?

My friend in aa who is sz says he hears voices a lot. I told him I was bothered more by delusions than voices and he said “well the delusions are worse than the voices”…I said “well they can really ■■■■ with your head”. I didn’t agree or disagree with him because I’ve only heard voices a few times in my life. He told me he had a delusion that made him drive on the opposite side of the highway…which was his main reasoning why. I know believing I was Jesus really messed with my head for a while, and my ego, and my lifestyle, and the stigma and persecution… So what do you think is worse? Delusions or voices?

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i say delusions. I hear voices but the delusions to me are worse


I have delusions too…

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I have constant auditory and tactile hallucinations, I’m not very delusional I know what’s real but I suffer from harassment and torture daily. I’d say my hallucinations are the worst thing in my life right now.

What are your delusions then? I’m interested maybe we have some things in common?

None anymore but I used to think I was Jesus, my life was an experiment, I was an alien, I was African American (I’m really white), I was psychic, I was hitler reincarnated and I was in hell, etc etc much more.


I thought demons were haunting me at first, but that’s manic thinking-it has nothing to do with religion or spirituality really. I can totally understand what you mean, I thought I was important and that I held the world in the palm of my hand in the beginning-but it’s really not the case. My hallucinations try to torture me into compliance of their will, it’s really hard since you can’t get away or avoid the painful things they do and say.


I don’t hear voices but I see things. I also get delusions.

Visual “hallucinations” can be downright scary and very intrusive, but they can also be comical or harmless.

Delusions are exhausting. And they drive me to do and think very dangerous things so I would say that, for me, delusions are probably worse. Plus they are harder to get rid of.

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I say delusions. I hear voices every day but delusions can be dangerous. I could walk on water. It could have killed me.

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I think voices are worse, because they are agitating and irritating and upset me. My delusions are long term so don’t bother me too much.


I think the voices are worse. Mine reinforce my delusions. If I just had delusions without hallucinations I think I would have a better state of mind.


I completely agree with you bobbox! I have been subject to alot of cruelty from these voices and they’re trying to ruin my great evolving life. I don’t want to have them but there’s no escape, so there’s no chance for recovery and it just keeps adding up and if you can’t hack it then you’d be better off dead pretty much.

Delusions control you whereas voices don’t, I thought I was bisexual and I had to sniff cocaine to prove I’m straight

I don’t usually hear voices but I can become delusional.
I would say that hearing voices all day would be worse than delusions.

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if i have to go into town on the bus the hallucinations are vivid and the delusions that spies are after me is worse. most of the time im at home where im in a ‘safe’ zone, but if theres a hitch in the norm, for instance i forgot it was bank holiday in may, so te bin men came the following week and i thought it was a conspiracy. and that they werent even bin men but the CID

i now have to go to the facility to see the nurses but i dont like going because i now have new delusions or should i say delusions i have had before but more prominent now because i know that they will come on the train and see me. my nurse said get off the bus a few stops earlier and instead of going into the station walk past it and walk down to the facility, they wont see you then. but inm not too sure. ive got to do it on friday and im panicing already

the voices are here all the time but one who is the dominant one, just totally speaks over everything, tells me im stupid to do this or they will tell me to do things i know i shouldnt do or would never do.

its a complicated world but with meds and the nurses i think we will work it out xxxxx

I don’t like to take bus either. I should go somewhere now on the bus but I’m too frieghtened.


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The voices may say they are going to hurt or kill me. The delusions make me believe those hallucinations. I can ignore the voices most of the time unless they are screaming at me. But thanks to meds I don’t have either. Except maybe another kind of delusion. For a while I believed I would invent a new type of product. I kept trying to design it but eventually I thought that it wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be cost effective so I stopped. Which is a pity because it was inspired by another one of my delusions. Would be cool to invent something else in the future. Maybe I’ll try that after I get done with the math problem I’ve been working on.

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The way some people on here talk about voices makes them sound really stressful even though I’ve never had them. I have had audio hallucination before however and that was really distressing. But the delusions actually influence you whereas the voices are more of an annoyance. I would say it depends on the individual. One user on here called @paranoid was talking about how extreme her voices got and I felt like she was describing a living hell. So I think it really depends on the individual case, for me, the worst things are the intrusive thoughts.

I dont have hallucinations but I think I am delusional per moments. and believe me, delusions are super hard to treat, I should still wait for months, maybe years to feel like myself again…

I say voices. They try to get me to believe phony stories to whitewash real events. When they fail, and they always do, it turns into a constant head game of word association.