Delusions v voices

which is worse?,

I’d have to think back, it’s been years since I had either.

The voices were the worst. I was talked out of my delusions.

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Delusions. They are real madness

How can anyone persuade you if you really believe your delusions?

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I guess I just saw the light, and the error in my thinking.

voices are worse, especially if youre getting command hallucinations to do dangerous things

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I’m not sure. I experienced delusions way more hardcore than voices so I can’t say my delusions were as bad as my voices. My voices were seldom so almost like entertainment. COOL IM HEARING VOICES THIS ONLY HAPPENS SO OFTEN

I wasn’t tripping on lsd, although on lsd I did hear tonssss of voices lol. But it’s as if the voices were entertainment, like an lsd trip is. Unless of course the trip never ends then u get sick of it and it turns to madness instead of temporary insanity like the voices were rare for me. Well, the internal voices were all the time but the external were rare.

The delusions haunt me freaking still even tho I think I’m done with believing them. It wasn’t till I took naltrexone the delusions slowly and slowly went awayyyyyy. And bye no more thank u spaghetti monster.

I haven’t had both for a long time

I might have mild delusions but they aren’t really hurtful, mostly sexual stuff

Delusions by far

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