Which is the most misunderstood illness to have...?

As above folks post away


I think sz/sza is the most misunderstood illness too have

yeah its top notch disease

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our illness is misunderstood the most

who cares 11111111111

well i care too much, 2 b honest maybe

idont care about this illness i have more problems in life

my point was what others think of sza/sz

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nobody thinks nothing

I disagree people think more

People generally think schizophrenics have multiple personalities…talk to themselves…and walk into movie theatres with AK-47s.

That’s been my experience anyways.

The hard truth is most of us will only harm ourselves, and basically we just want to hide behind the couch all day…when we’re in the throes of this affliction.

Yes sza/sz is mostly misunderstood overall

I think either DID or SZ/SZA

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that is why compastion is on the way

I even think that they see us as worse than criminals. They make mafia movies and see them as cool. They don’t see us as cool.

Tourette’s Syndrome is up there.

sinusitis 1515, it impacts so much

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