Stereotype joke

A joke which is quite dumb and sorta explains how most people confuse SZ with multiple personality:

Two guys are walking down the street, one of them is a schizophrenic. Suddenly in front of them stand a group of 5 drunk aggresive guys. The healthy one says:

  • let’s go to the other side of the road, there might be trouble.
  • don’t worry - says the SZ - let’s go this way.
    As they were passing the group a fight has started, But the schizophrenic fought like Bruce Lee and kicked the ■■■■ out of the group.
  • Wow, Man, where did you learn that? That was f…g amazing.
  • It’s easy - says the SZ - there were 5 of them and there were 10 of me.

lol! Why do people think schizophrenia means multiple personalities? My mother in law does and when she first said to me “(mr turtle) told me you have schizophrenia, I know how you feel, I have different moods like different people take me over too.” I just thought what the what? I don’t have moods lady, and the “different people” are all external!

Yeah, the hell SZ is not like the movie Me, Irene and I :smiley:

Mostly because the ignorant mass media knows no better.

It’s kind of archaic isn’t it? That way of thinking. It’s just lazy.

For instance, I don’t think diabetics are just allergic to sugar.

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Yeah, Just as most peple think that every serial killer is SZ, and most of all that every person with SZ is dangerous. Due to this misinformation it is better to stay quiet when you’re an SZ, and that is the reason why people don’t talk about it and there is no education about it. But with over 1% of the global population suffering from this disease i think it should a necessity. The worst part of SZ is that it often excludes you from the society. And the stereotypes are, in my opinion the main reason for that…

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