Which is the cause of schizophrenia at your advice?

it might be a sort of “dyabetes of the brain”?

I have a lot of teories!
Maybe birth problems, traumatic brain injuries in childhood, big stress in adolescence, genetic, structural,… :thinking:

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I think it’s a gene that gets switched on by a virus

I think it’s a mis-development of the brain like with ADHD or autism, one that happens somewhere in the critical stages of the brain’s development, like pre-birth, toddlerhood, and early adolescence. Possibly the brain makes a jump in development in late adolescence too, and the fault might happen there too, idk.

Genetics might have something to do with it, making someone more pre-disposed to the mis-development if nothing else, while environmental causes, helped by faulty genetics trigger it more easily? Something like that?

That’s my two cents anyways.

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I think isolation.

Stress and cocaine

Anything that causes a sustained inflammation of the brain, like a cyst ot a tumor, or in my case, a blood clot.

Ever since taking clot-busting supplements with my antipsychotic, my head pressure and SZ symptoms have been going down to where I can enjoy life again.

There is also a drug trigger for SZ that goes away once the person stops taking it (like high-THC marijuana, or cocaine.)

I did cocaine like scar face and smoked pit like bob Marley. Every day for ten years I was high this way.
As soon as I stopped I could not handle life and had a psychotic break. I have not been the same since.
The psychosis and the meds have ruined me as a person. My Britain does not think like a normal brain should. It’s crazy and demented and hyper aware and intuitive but it’s all screwed up from drugs

I think my binge drinking at an early age damaged my brain…

Multifactorial. As with many medical conditions the causes of schizophrenia are not fully know. It is believed they are polygenetic, with multiple genes interacting resulting in some degree of vulnerability or resistance to the condition. This biology then interacts with environmental factors, both positive and negative which can have different effects based upon when in life or how many/often they occur.

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A thin mental barrier to the psychic realm.

It runs in my family.