Which is better please?

Hello everyone! Please I was wondering which of the companies that produce Abilify (Aripiprazole) is better, Otsuka or Bristol-Meyer or are they of the same quality. Abilify is very expensive and I feel bad for my father on the amount of money he spends to get the drug for me. The drug is nice, doing wonders on my health but we don’t have a strong insurance system in the country I live(Nigeria).

I saw this website for ordering the Abilify I don’t know if the quality of the drug they sell there is as good as Otsuka company’s but it has a great price

I have the Abilify generic, Aripriprazole, it’s much cheaper.

Do you order it online?where from?thanks

No I get it from the pharmacist.

30 pills for a month,how much?

Aripiprazole is the generic form of Abilify. It’s much cheaper. I don’t know where you can order it online. Don’t you have pharmacists in your country?

We do but the drug is not available in some parts of the country, just in major states.30 pills(1pack) costs 30,000. In our currency that’s about 184 US dollars.i know it’s not a lot for some people but my father just retired last month and I feel bad for the amount of money he has to spend now.i thought there was a good online website I could order it from at a cheaper price

It is dangerous buying meds online, you don’t know what’s in the meds or if it is effective. If you’re very unlucky you get crap and become very sick, if you are just unlucky you get ineffective medicine and become delusional again.

Abilify is about the same prize in Sweden. But Aripiprazole is 1/3 of that price. See if you an get the generic from the pharmacist.

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Ok.thanks,i really appreciate it. Have a nice day

I am given Arip-MT by Torrent Pharma (Made in India).

Mine is made by Apotex Corp. and I think it is around $25 a bottle for 30 pills of 30mg before insurance.

Wow that’s a good price!!!does it work well for you?so u buy it directly from a pharmacy or online

Otsuka created Abilify.

Would it be possible to get the generic form of Abilify in your country? The generic form of Abilify, aripiprazole, is the same chemical molecue as the name brand form of the drug. The generic form of Abilify is also way cheaper than the name brand.

As others have said, don’t buy online. Ask your pharmacy to order the generic abilify for you. But definitely don’t buy it online.

That sounds like a good idea.thanks

Ok.i will not buy online, I will get the generic form from a pharmacy.thanks

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