Name brand compared to generic abilify?

i was on name brand abilify and it was working great. My pharmacy for some reason gave me generic about 3 weeks ago and i have been hearing voices again and just plain off ever since. Is this my imagination or have others had problems swithcing to a generic of a medication?

I have a thread in here about brand name versus generic Risperidone.
For me there is a difference.
The brand name is more potent than the Generic.

For you it’s probably the same with Abilify.


There is a slight difference between generics and brand name drugs. For some people, it doesn’t affect them, but for others, it’s a huge deal. It just depends on your specific brain. You can ask your doctor to write in your prescription that you can only get the name brand version. But call your insurance first, and make sure they will cover it.


I have Arip MT as the generic Abilify.

I too think Wave is right.

There is no difference just the copy right infringement has lapsed and the generic companies can make the meds that’s all. It’s all the same ingredients and levels.


I agree with @Dreamscape2. There is no difference.

Also, Ive taken both name brand abilify and generic and both were the same for me. As you would expect.


ok well i guess there is a difference of opinion i called my doctor and she says there is no difference and maybe its just not working now for whatever reason. I have only a week and a half until my next appointment maybe i will start a new AP. This really sucks im so sick of these voices always coming back.

I’m very late to this thread but there is a difference from brand to generic - DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE, YOU LIFE IS AT STAKE.
Only the main Ingredient is the same with the required need to have somewhere between 80-120% efficacy. The fillers are the culprit to many issues due to the fact they can alter the chemical bond of the intended ingredient. Think about it, why would brand companies not use the most inexpensive ingredient out there for their product.- because they have probalby did use it and their findings were it was inferior to the ingredients that gave them a successful patent and FDA approval.
The requirements to patent a new drug far exceed the requirement of generic medication( the former having to spend millions on trials, the latter a few trials and evidence of an efficacy of the percentages I mentioned before.
We should all be concerned, if you dont believe me, check out and compare your medication as brand or generic, research the crap theu use as fillers, from talc, to wood pulp , and other such oddities as heavy metals and rocks.
I don’t mind saving money and buying generic cleaning products but, this is my life and I’d prefer not to mess around with it. We all need to think about that: this isnt bleach we are discussing for some of us the slightest variation of efficacy can destroy careers, families and increase the suicide rate.

Again, do not let anyone tell you generics are the same. If your pharmacist or doctor says they are the same, switch immediately.

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People take generic drugs all the time with no problem. Its saves money. Its only a small amount of people that need brand only. Not only that but your insurance will most likely not pay for brand when a generic is available. Unless of course you can prove that the generic doesn’t work for you. Then maybe they will pay for brand.

No difference here, tried Abilify brand name and generic, same effects. Generic Risperdal is also working.

Usually I can take generic drugs.
Only certain generics I can’t handle.

For me, it was the same.

It makes no difference.

The originals rely on marketing, when generics are exactly the same ingredients.

All that has happened is that the patent has run out and other drug companies can also make them.

Don’t buy into this crap

Recently hospital gave me generic Abilify (Thailand) and I felt not the same again but I am stable if given generic Abilify (India, e.g. Arian, Ariptor).