Which country is best to immigrate to US or canada or

I have been to the US.

worked there for 4-5 years.

superb country.

but ppl say Canada is even better.

some say Australia is better some say New Zealand

and of course there r countries in Europe and elsewhere

So as per u which country is good to immigrate to?

Everyone has its advantage. I am in Canada and healthcare is free but the US have more meds. I want Vraylar and its not available in Canada. Dr said the meds that make it to Canada from the US take at least 5 years to be approved.

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oh that must suck.

but apart from that how is the country to live in and is it easy and comfortable or money is hard to come by

Well if you sont mind frying in Australia, products are cheap and meda too. New zealand has really good government. USA has some stupid laws. If you dont mind cold weather then Canada is your guy

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Both the US and Canada have good income. In Canada you get free healthcare.

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free healthcare is a plus.

but ppl say canada is more beautiful and i like the cold chilly weather.

but is it easy to get around or u need a car to get around like the US

i like cold weather but NZ is very scenic they say

Depends if you live in the city or far from the city.
The weather is extreme, gets to 45C real feel in the summer with humidity and -35C in the winter. During snowstorms it can get to -44C sometimes. You gotta love LOTS of snow!

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I would say you need a car to get around. I’d definitely pick Canada. Free healthcare is a no brainer.

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I have many relatives who live throughout Canada.
I’ve been to Montreal and Quebec City as a young adult.

I love Canada but the United States is where I’m from and am most loyal to.

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Yes lotsa ppl prefer Canada to the USA

Yes both are good countries

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What other countries do you guys suggest

I read that Norway has good money for disability. I think free heathcare too?

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Yes Norway is good but language would be a problem

Studies are also free in Norway.

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I would pick Canada, as the US seems to have serious problems with crime etc - or at least that’s the impression from the media

Canada won’t let me be a naturalised citizen, as they don’t accept people who’re a burden on their healthcare system


Lots of ppl here say Canada so I think it’s better