Which area of life would you like to improve?

For me, I’m working on weight control. It’s a lot more difficult to get myself exercise now but it seems to be something I still have control. Inside I wish I could have my own children and family. It looks quite improbable though.

Weight, motivation, concentration, and intelligence.

Studying & reading. I can’t learn anymore :cry:

Learning new skills,improve my thought and make my mind stronger,do some exercise to be fit.

Exercise. I’ve been really lazy lately

more money :left_luggage:


My back porch?..

I hope I could stay as content as I am now. Times are a changing though, I will finish my studies that I enjoy so much soon. Maybe research will take that place, it is still unsure.

A better question would be what areas of my life don’t need improvement! :smiley:

I need to work on my people skills the most I think!

I got interviews for a bunch of sales jobs and no one would hire me! :cry: