Quality of life

I feel pretty 'well" mentally and I am wondering what do we do to improve the quality of our lives when for instance I for one was knocked out of the ball park of good living for many many years.

all I can think of is to do things I enjoy but they’re a little bit solitary … like practicing piano and violin.

any suggestions for all us here looking to improve our lives?


For me it’s education. I was enrolled in college on a full scholarship when I had my break, and I went through my freshman year psychotic and refusing medication. I have my life right in front of me, I just have to go to school, so it’s pretty basic.

Try a support group or some sort of physical activity- I will be joining a powerlifting team this summer, I am getting personal training in it so I can improve enough to catch up with the other members, who are all much stronger than I am (if you think I am strong, go watch a guy my height squat about 3x his own weight, I just squat twice my weight). I have been getting one of my old friends to workout with me lately.

I joined a club at school and I go to NAMI meetings. I have three old friends from high school in town but I havent made lasting friends while in college. I need to work on that, I tend to just focus on my work and lifting weights.

What were you doing before you were knocked out of the ball park? I know we’re TOLD we should be in the 200K a year range and have the huge house and fancy car. I have one younger brother who did obtain the “good” middle of the road, middle management job and the big house, with the big mortgage and the fancy car, with the big insurance bill.

HIs kids don’t respect him and his wife is about to leave him and he’s headed for some dark times.

I don’t make 200K at all. No where near, not in this life time, but I like my job. I have a flexible schedule so I can take care of my illness and have good days off to surf.

As long as your happy, wouldn’t that be quality of life? Just my pondering…

If by quality of life u mean socially then u have to try and join some clubs or go to college or groups or something like that. My pastimes r solitary too so I need to improve on this area as well. Xxx

painting, classical music, art galleries, reading , good coffee ,good food, spending time just sitting and looking at nature- beautiful views etc…
take care


If you are looking for someone to share with probably you should look into things you can do with people who have the same interests as you. As for me, my interests while being sz have changed since the times before. You grow over the years.

Does the quality of life only include doing things one likes?
I’ve been forced through most of my life to go along with the program and do what others thought was best for them. Doubt I would have done 1% of the things I’ve experienced in my life if I was given the choice.
Funny thing is, I feel like I’ve had a very full, rich life. Couldn’t have had the experience any other way but doing things I never thought I’d like doing.

Due to my issues- paranoia/(social) anxiety/ difficulties with social interaction- i have had quite a restrictive life. The QOL is mediocre at best.

Hmm that thing we callqualiy. Isee the kids at my son"s school and the old bats that teach them it seams they don’t care if you are ill or not normal is the game or be punished. Maybe schools for the kids with mental behaviors would be nice to see. Rather then cops in the schools. Home quality could happen if there are class at home one on one house careiving. Religion could be more open in the tells of dismay ment and the fact of were things comefrom , meds in new forms are more looked in to before usage. Etc. Thanks

i think keeping the mind busy with healthy things like reading is great if you can do it. I read a drop a week.

physical exercise and music help me and I know countless others.

letting the mind wander too much is too much of a not so good thing I believe.

do you agree?


If I stay still and let my mind wander too much, I’m right back in the depths of my head and I for get how nice it is out of my head so I’m sort of right back where I started. I shouldn’t sit and let my mind wander for too long.