Antipsychotic induced hand tremor

Has anyone else experienced antipsychotic induced hand tremor that doesnt go away at all? Not even with medications like benztropine and propranolol. Any suggestions?

Isn’t procyclidine meant to help with that

Not available here in Australia

I have a pretty bad hand tremor myself. Used to bother me but now it doesnt.

I suffered from hand tremor really badly on Abilify. My Pdoc changed my medication to Rexulti and it went away.

Maybe a change of antipsychotic is the only answer.


Sadly I cant change from Zuclopenthixol, every time I attempt a change I have a relapse

That is a shame @flow2992 . Having a tremor is so annoying. I hope you find a solution soon.

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I’m on Clopixol too and I take bipertine for the shakes. I’m sorry that you have the shakes this is very common among people who take the old school meds.

God bless

I experience that. It embarrasses me. I can’t control it.

Not from an antipsychotic medication, but I do have a terrible tremor from Lithium Carbonate (a mood stabilizer). Everybody notices it and asks why I’m shaking. It’s embarrassing. It’s not just in my hands, it’s full body. I can’t do yoga because my whole body will shake like crazy, as I’m trying to hold a pose.

I too was on Lithium for a short time which exacerbated my Abilify tremors. Tremors can be so debilitating, like trying to hold a cup to your mouth can be so frustrating. I was ever so thankful when my Pdoc took me off both the Abilify and the Lithium.

Can you not come off the Lithium @Blossom and try something else.

Sadly, I can’t stop Lithium. It’s the only mood stabilizer that works for me (most of the time).

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Can try quetiapine to reduce it. Low EPS potential.