Which antipsychotics

Have the least amount of side effects !
Can anybody point me to real legitimate research on this question

Least dependency as well
Pretty much

Which antipsychotics are the least harmful out of all the ones available in the market right now

its hard to tell

everyone reacts differently to meds


Atypical antipsychotics are the least side effect
And When they exceed the imbalance in brain of dopamine they cause parkinson like symptoms
To explain more
Ap neutrilize the excess of dopamin in brain
When there is lack in dopamine that cause parkinson like disease
There is no way to avoid this side effect so some doctors prescripe biperden with the ap or benzotropine

I find Amisulpride to be effective with next to no side effects

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You don’t know what side effects you will have, until you try it. Everyone is different. :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

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I’ve been off of my invega sustenna for 8months now
And I still have parkinsonism
I don’t want to make it worst…
Do you think intramuscular has more side effects than taking pills?

I found this research …
Seroquel and clozapine seem to be the best with lowest eps profile…
Anybody want to weigh in?

Perhaps the research is bought out by the companies…
K wonder who funded this research and there tie with the AP companies…

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some said dopamine agonist can help, u can ask your pdoc.

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