Poll: Antipsychotics side-effects

Do you think that antipsychotics are the medicines that more cause side-effects?

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  • No

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From my experiences with 9 different antipsychotics or so, they do cause a lot of sideeffects. I dunno about the most, it depends on the individual. For example a sideeffect of antidepressants for me is psychosis. I’m sure cancer medications have lots of sideeffects. I’m glad I found abilify, don’t have many sideeffects on it.

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I was just making a list today for my doc of all the meds I have tried with side effects and ap’s are the worst for me.

absolutely. I think the best approach is to know as much as we can about what goes in our bodies.

informed consumers.

I tried a whole bunch of different APs, including a couple old school typical ones.
I also tried all of the major mood stabilizers, including Depakote ER, Tegretol, Lithium.Lamictal.
I was on a couple of different Benzos - a couple of Antidepressants (Big mistake for me)
I started taking psych meds at Nine Years old or so, if not younger, I am now 52 years old.
The APs were the Harshest - some of them Helped, but most of them did not help me.
I developed Obesity in the past, Diabetes, elevated lipid counts, elevated Prolactin, Sexual dysfunction, worsening Anxiety, OCD symptoms, I lactated, developed an increase in my breast size, developed insomnia, etc…
My current psychiatrist is willing to place me on just a Mood stabilizer, without an AP.
Antipsychotic Withdrawal has been very tough to endure so far, but in a lot of ways things are getting a little better, its only been Day 5.
Like @mortimermouse said, be an informed consumer - Do not just take anything.
Being on an effective “safer” AP at lower doses is always a smart thing to do.
Dont know how I will do or function long term without an AP, but my psychiatrist is on board, and she is willing to give it a try. I respect her for this.

I pressed no by mistake :confused:

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You can change the vote … :slight_smile:

Thanks minnii all changed!

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