Which antipsychotics permanently block dopamine receptors

Which ones do and which ones don’t

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none “permanently” block them, some fully block them while some only partially block them. The ones that fully block are meant to be stronger but can come with more negative side effects and motor symptoms in comparison to the partial blockade.

Are u sure? I’ve heard that risperidone permeant blocks receptors side effect or something

Yes fairly sure as I took neuropsychopharmacology. Risperidone is one of those with the total blockade. (Well not as much as the typical APs but still almost total)

I have no idea what you are referring to about receptor side effects :confused: No med permanently blocks anything though, if you go off an AP it will eventually leave your bloodstream and the dopamine channels will become unblocked.

If you link me to where you saw this maybe I could figure out what you’re talking about??

I was talking to a guy who had prolactin problems even after 6 years because he said risperdone permanently blocked his dopamine receptors which led to prolactin levels never falling

Dopamine has nothing to do with prolactin.

I’m pretty sure dopamine receptors control prolactin

Then how does Abilify block dopamine without affecting prolactin?

Abilify doesn’t fully block dopamine like other antipsychotics… dopamine blockade is related to prolactin

Abilify regulates dopamine but it still block it compared to no medication. How does it stop psychosis then?

Maybe it doesn’t touch all the different types of receptors but I know prolactin is connected to dopamine

Current antipsychotics all work by blocking dopamine, its just that Abilify doesnt block it as much as others. Latuda fully blocks dopamine without affecting prolactin.

My pdoc says latuda is not as hard as a hit on the dopamine receptors compared to the invega sustenna I was on.

It also depends on the dosage.

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It still blocks dopamine more than Abilify. Abilify is a partial antagonist, Latuda is full antagonist.

I’m just telling you what my pdoc said. Abilify made me feel sick and latuda is making me angry.

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There’s probably different receptors like d1 d2 and d3 and maybe some don’t effect prolactin as the others do

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Yea you’re right, its probably that. I am not a psychiatrist though. Maybe someone can ask their psychiatrist? Mine is tired of me from my questions and from changing/trying meds too much.

Your pharmacist will be your best bet for an accurate answer

Alle the 1. gen. antipsychotics blocks mostly the dopamine 2 receptor fully. All the 2. gen. not only blocks d 2 receptors but also 5 ht a serotonin receptors because that makes it less likely that they will cause extra pyramidal side effects. 3. gen antipsychotics like abilify works as dopamine systemstabilisators. This means that they will cause more dopamine or less dopamine when needed.