How do antipsychotics work?

So I was reading about antipsychotics and my understanding is that they are sedatives. I’m wondering if they actually work or are do they just sedate you and make you so sedated you don’t feel anything? Not saying that’s true, just trying to understand. Interested in peoples feedback


I like how many questions you have you really are a curious cat.

Love it.

And in answer to that, I don’t know, precisely, but generally, they antagonise several receptors in your brain.

And those receptors may have to do with sz

Not just that but unfortunately they also sedate and shiiit

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They work on dopamine receptors, there are antagonists that block dopamine, and partial agonists that level out dopamine levels from too high or too low, that’s as much as I know.

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There also called major tranquilizers .

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Awe, thanks! I love getting other peoples perspective

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No one knows how they work.

They just ‘block’ dopamine, causing us not to feel so manic all the time.

They work by turning off your brain :+1:t3:

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Some of them can not be sedating. Ability rexulti invega and latuda sedate very little of not at all.

Lol well explained

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Ugh, seriously? So do they really just sedate you, but don’t take the symptoms away?

Basically they work by blocking receptor sites in your brain, which are microscopic openings for molecules to connect to. One theory of sz is that there are too many receptor sites for dopamine, making too many connections in the brain. So the medication blocks the receptor sites, eliminating the excessive connections.


They took all of my psychotic symptoms away but yeah I’m pretty disabled from the drug. Invega can be like this for some tho that’s why I switched to abilify and I’m already doing a little bit better.


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