Which antipsychotic is the best for studying?

Hi, After my first hospitalization this summer I was prescribed a medication called risperidone. On risperdal I had serious problems with thinking clearly so I talked it through with my psychiatrist and we switched over to geodon. I’ve definitely noticed a difference on Geodon–I no longer have to deal with distracting audio hallucinations and I’ve noticed a complete remission of negative symptoms, and additionally my thoughts are alot clearer in general. For some perspective, on risperdal I would probably have trouble writing this question out altogether. Unfortunately Geodon brought on some nearly unbearable side effects, and this has made me consider talking to my pdoc about changing to another medication.

I am now planning on going back to community college for a few classes, and to do this I need mental clarity.

My question is this: which antipsychotic in your experience of trying out different ones has allowed you to have the best mental clarity for studying?

Olanzapine+Risperidone work in my case and Olanzapine robs my memory.

My memory is very bad initially but living in the moment was okay before Olanzapine

and after Olanzapine ( continuing ) my memory is so bad that I don’t even live in the moment, I’m simply lost

lost in a sense memory not helping the cause

I’ve only taken risperdal and abilify, I think. Risperdal made me gain 30 pounds in no time so I switched to abilify. I’m now on the generic of abilify and taking 40 mg a day of it. I’m in school right now and though my depression ruined my chance of getting two A’s in my classes, I’m about to take one of my two finals tomorrow, and I’ve been able to drive a car(barely) and study. It makes me incredibly drowsy though so I drink a large cup of tea every morning, and am still tired. But it gets rid of the voices and the hallucinations. My dad and my family think that I act like my old self now, although I don’t feel like my old self and have motivational problems, but I think that is from the illness, not the meds.

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Awesome post. Can’t get any better.

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Whoopps my miracle drug is Geodon and you already tried that one :frowning: The only side effect I still had on Geodon was my eyes rolling around which was fixed by benztropine. Now I study a-ok. I don’t know what side effects you are having but maybe there is a similar drug to geodon without the side effects. For example haldol which acts alot like it but has different side effects.

I’ve had the best results with the fewest side effects from Geodon. I’m an aspiring writer, and when I was on Haldol I could not write at all. I can write on Geodon. When I was on Zyprexa I craved sugar and slept a lot. When I was on Prolixin I could not sit still. I had to be up and pacing. I take Seroquel with my Geodon, and I have few side effects from that drug too, although a few of the people come across who take it have bad side effects from this drug. Maybe you could try Latuda, if you haven’t already. Or maybe Abilify.

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Even though olanzapine weakens memory it improves cognition and that is what I have read on the internet. Any way I realized Aripiprazole or Abilify is the best for me. If I don’t take health supplements I feel like something bad is moving inside the head and it could be sz or ap. ( sz is schizophrenia and ap is anti psychotic ) So health supplements keep me healthy.

Is cognition and memory different things…!!!

i m bit highjacking the thread but
Actually you need to exercises also.it s lowered your blood sugar and burn excess fats.its crucial for us who are at very high risk of diabetes.

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Man, Latuda was brilliant at improving cognition. The 3 months I was on it, I begun learning koine/ancient/biblical Greek. Managed to completely memorise the alphabet and a few words and phrases. I was actually able to study and learn. It was great. Until the dreaded akathisia kicked in, which caused intolerable tension and agitation, even worse than Abilify. Gotta wait till Rexulti to even entertain a chance of studying again.

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